10 Work from Home Careers You Should Know About 

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Here are the best careers that let you operate from home. 

Until recently, remote working seemed like a freelancers’ thing and not a formal way to run a business. However, technological evolutions are now making telecommuting a viable option. 

Of course, firefighters and car repairers can’t perform their duties on Zoom, but there remains a wide array of jobs that you can do from the comfort of your couch. So, if you’re looking to work remotely, consider the careers discussed below as they are in high demand and offer you similar benefits as on-site jobs. 

  1. Writer

If writing is your passion, you don’t need to look further for a better remote career. Writing jobs are currently in high demand as companies thrive on developing their digital presence. 

The best way to get your foot through the door is the blog way. Discuss topics you are well-versed with and use your knowledge to deliver quality content. You can even try copywriting if you think you’re persuasive enough or technical writing if you’re tech-savvy. Companies market their digital products through writers with user experience (UX), technical proficiency, and problem-solving skills. 

One skill that will make you the pro in your niche is leveraging your technical proficiency. 

  1. Virtual Assistant

The main task of a virtual assistant involves creating presentations, scheduling appointments, and conducting research. However, some positions with the same title solely focus on administrative duties such as managing calendars and invoicing clients. Others can require social media management skills. 

The virtual assistant career offers versatility and flexibility as you deal with different clients at a time, choosing your preferred location. 

  1. Captioner

As a captioner, you transcribe video, audio, and live televised programs meaning that you must be a fast and accurate typist to succeed.

While much of a captioner’s work will involve general transcription, It’s advisable to focus on specialized transcription to divert from the mainstream and find a work-from-home career. One common tool for a captioner is a phonetic keyboard and a stenotype machine (steno captioners) for accuracy. Captioners who are experienced with using specialized transcription software can convert mp3 to to text and have a particular skill set that can make them more competitive in the job market.

  1. Marketing Consultant

You can start a work-from-home career as a digital marketing consultant through the help of digital tools and strategies. As a digital marketing consultant, you develop, implement, and monitor online marketing strategies for businesses. You will establish marketing initiatives based on a company’s target audience. 

The planning and strategy should result in high-converting sales that promote business growth. For the most part, you won’t have to leave your house to implement or monitor strategies. Everything will just be a click or call away. 

  1. Online Tutor

Like physical teachers, you can also become an online educator. Your role will be similar to the traditional teachers who develop curriculum, provide instructions, and monitor learners’ performance. The main difference in this career lies in the medium in which you interact. 

This career is suitable for people specializing in core competency or who possess a teaching degree. Start as an online educator today and meet your students on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. 

  1. Web Search Evaluator

Companies continuously search for web search evaluators to provide reliable feedback on online search results. The career involves helping companies establish whether internet search results are comprehensive, timely, and accurate. This work-from-home position has become popular as you don’t need the experience to become a certified web search evaluator. 

So, if you’re interested in market trends, analytics, research, and computer science, the web search evaluator job can be pretty rewarding. Your work will be to rate images, maps, web pages, videos, and websites on a key performance indicator (KPI) and demonstrate how they rank in search results. 

  1. Product Reviewer

Simply reviewing products while at home can make a decent living. Just pick a niche and register on one of the numerous sites offering product review gigs. As a product reviewer, you have to provide opinions on advertising campaigns, review products, develop ideas for new products, and more. 

As a competent reviewer, you may be hired by a company to review every product they put in the trial phase. No, you don’t have to visit the headquarters. The company ships the product to you and compensates for real user feedback. 

  1. Social Media Manager

Advanced technology has forced all companies to go digital or risk losing a massive consumer segment. As a result, every company now has a dedicated social media account that requires constant monitoring and management. They hire social media managers to develop a social media strategy or maintain existing accounts. 

This career could be a good fit for creative people with fresh ideas and familiar with digital mediums and tools. Your primary role as a social media manager will be to build brand recognition and increase traffic. Since the position is remote and flexible, you can work for several companies and increase your income. 

  1. Web Developer

Not long ago, web developer roles used to be strictly on-site. However, the position is among the best for a work-from-home career with the popularity of remote roles and digital nomads. The web programmer or developer’s main role includes application and software development through code writing, debugging, and deploying.

Web developers employ programming languages when they want to build a product or service. Freelance blockchain developers and those that complete a Web Developer Course have a high level of demand nowadays, but for this position, programmers have to know the well specific fields and particular languages.

Choose the right field and develop your skills. Knowledge of many programming languages opens up many opportunities. Sure, most web developers work in teams, but everyone has a specific task meaning that you still can remain remote.

Web developers employ programming languages when they want to build a product or service. Sure, most web developers work in teams, but everyone has a specific task meaning that you still can remain remote. 

  1. 10.Graphic Designer

The demand for good graphic designers and related services is on the rise as companies scramble for digital presence. Now that most graphic design jobs have gone remote, you have the flexibility to work from your home. You can design printable items, pre-made logo packages, fonts, templates, or be a consultant for several companies. 

Remote Working is The New Norm

Employers and employees prefer work from home careers to allow a better work-life balance, decrease stress, increase revenue, and minimize costs. 

We’ve highlighted some popular work from home careers for you to choose from based on your interest areas, relevant experience, and skillsets.

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