10 Unforgivable Mistakes Made In 2013 Movies

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For the most part, movies released this year have been pretty good. I’ve been swayed several times into paying the $14 ticket price to cram myself into an uncomfortable seat for two hours. But many of this year’s biggest blockbusters have mistakes–some more obvious than others–that somehow got overlooked in the editing process. I’ve listed the most offensive mistakes from 2013 movies I’ve seen this year. 

Glinda hair bloop

10. A Good Day to Die Hard

In the scene where John McClane has Yuri pinned to the uranium boxes, Yuri is able to secretly turn on his walkie-talkie to alert his daughter and minions. Not only is John trained to deal with armed men (i.e. he would totally be on alert to anyone reaching inside their coat, assuming it was to pull out a weapon), but the radio beeps when it is turned on. The sound is loud enough for the audience to hear, and John is literally standing right next to Yuri, so I find it ridiculous that neither John, nor Jack, were able to hear this loud sound.

9. Fast & Furious 6

For the entire movie, the character played by The Rock, Hobbs, is seen with a goatee. It’s almost his signature. There’s a scene somewhere, about mid-movie, in which he is driving and talking about the phone to Tej, played by Ludacris. The camera zooms in on Hobbs’ face, and we can clearly see that his chin is as smooth as can be. Where did his goatee go? In the next scene, the goatee has miraculously grown back to its full glory. There’s no doubt that the best beard products were used, that or he possesses magical powers, ever wonder why wizards have such long beards?

8. Oz the Great and Powerful

I was not the only one who noticed that Glinda’s hairstyle changes almost constantly throughout the movie. It flip-flops back and forth between straight and curly so many times, it seems as though the Hair and Make-Up department was feeling a little bipolar at the time of filming. In the scene where Glinda introduces Oscar to the residents of Oz, her hair switches from straight to curly between shots!

7. Iron Man 3

The Extremis serum can rewrite the body’s genetic code, and constantly repair damaged cells. When used on Aldrich Killian, all his physical impairments are healed. Ellen Brandt loses her arm, so they use the Extremis serum to regenerate it. The arm should not have been the only part of her body to be healed; as with Aldrich, all her impairments would be fixed with the use of the serum, notably the scar on her face. But somehow the serum fails to repair this.

6. World War Z

A few days after the zombie outbreak, the entire city of Jerusalem has a huge brick wall around it. Even if every citizen in the city helped to build it, working nonstop, there’s no way a wall of that magnitude would have been able to be constructed in just a few days. Plus, the zombies show that they can easily climb said wall, so I’m sure in those few days before the wall was even up they would have had a much easier time simply walking into the city to attack.

5. The Great Gatsby

The movie is set in 1922, and when the characters are discussing how Tom is being bothered by an unwanted guest continuously calling, there is a “French” style phone shown. There is no way they would be able to have such a phone in their house as it was not invented until probably the mid-1930’s! In 1922, the “candlestick” style phone was still used, where one hand held the earpiece up to your ear while the other held the base of the mouthpiece so you could talk into it.

4. Gravity

Ryan Stone attempts to call for help using her radio equipment. Every time she uses the radio, which is in several different scenes, we hear a squealing sound in the speaker. This is known as “heterodyning,” but is only produced by older, mechanically tuned radios. The digital radios we use today, and that would have been used by Stone in the movie, operate with a highly stable technique for tuning, and thereby do not make the variable frequency sound we heard throughout the film.

3. Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Khan knows a lot about Starfleet ships, so it’s very strange that in his threats to the Enterprise, he states he will target the life support systems in her “aft nacelle” (the part of the starship that contains the propulsive components of the ship’s warp drive). The Enterprise doesn’t have a nacelle in the rear of the ship! Several scenes showing us the outside of the Enterprise prove that it has two nacelles, located on the left and right of the ship.

2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

As in many movies involving props of quantity, there is trouble with Katniss’ bow and arrows. It is much harder to prevent a mistake when shooting many scenes over and over, using a different number of arrows for each take. The number of arrows in her quiver fluctuates throughout the entire movie, most notably in the island fight scene. A close-up clearly shows that Katniss only has three arrows left, but magically she is able to shoot an almost unlimited number for the rest of the film.

1. The Hangover: Part III

This mistake takes a little bit of math to work out, but bear with me. Chow is supposedly carrying around $21 million in gold bullion (one gold bar weighs about 25 pounds). Gold, at the time of the film’s release, was worth almost twenty thousand dollars per pound, so each bar would be worth about $480,000. He would need just under 44 bars to total $21 million, and divided among his two bags, that’s 22 bars per bag…which works out to be 550 pounds for each arm. Can anyone carry 1,100 pounds of gold, especially someone like Chow?! I think not.

So there you have ’em! Did you notice any other mistakes or inconsistencies in a 2013 film?


  1. Deathsmind says:

    For World War Z you are wrong “A few days after the zombie outbreak, the entire city of Jerusalem has a huge brick wall around it. Even if every citizen in the city helped to build it, working nonstop, there’s no way a wall of that magnitude would have been able to be constructed in just a few days. Plus, the zombies show that they can easily climb said wall, so I’m sure in those few days before the wall was even up they would have had a much easier time simply walking into the city to attack.” It says in the movie they were building the wall even before the outbreak happened, because they knew it was going to happen before hand.

    1. I agree 100% but also this is a reference to the culture of Jerusalem. They are surrounded by extremist groups who hate the demograph of Jerusalem. So they are used to being in defensive mode. It’s a reference to their culture of defensiveness, preparation, and readied ness.

  2. James Stanley says:

    Sometimes people can get so busy on a film that they tend to overlook certain details or they may have wanted to correct them but didn’t have time. These things happen. You sir have Eagle eyes.
    Btw I don’t think people were fretting about how many nacelles the Enterprise had. Remind me what they look like again.

  3. ScratStitch says:

    These are “unforgivable” movie mistakes? You’re LITERALLY only going to find these things if you look for them. They aren’t very noticeable at all.

  4. These aren’t “unforgivable”. They’re mistakes that absolutely no one but you cares about.

  5. That’s the worst mistake you can find in Gravity? How about when George Clooney’s must heroically unattach himself because he is pulling Sandra Bullock away from the space station, to which she is “hanging” by a cable around her ankle? Um, exactly what is pulling him? They are in SPACE! Is there some special Clooney force that only affects him? There is no gravity to pull him, and they are stopped so there is no momentum either. What would have happened is “boing”, after they stopped at the end on the cable, they would rebound slowly back towards the station. It drive me nuts that no one ever talks about this.

    1. Yeah, there was no need to detatch. The momentum had been absorbed and no other force pulling them apart.

    2. Just_Some_Nobody says:

      Actually, gravity IS pulling on them. Everything in near Earth orbit is falling back towards the Earth. However, in this case, the force would not have been such that he needed to let go.

  6. Michael D. Noon says:

    Unforgiveable? More like undetectable, uninteresting, unimportant…. nacelles? Really? The only thing that was minutely relevant in this list was World War Z where the zombies came enmasse at the wall because of a loudspeaker. People were milling about outside of the wall, calmly lining up to enter as though everything AROUND Jerusalem outside of the wall was still fine – then suddenly all hell breaks lose in 60 seconds with thousands of zombies piling up. That was a little off. Where were they right before the loudspeaker pissed them off?

  7. The Regretful says:

    “Unforgivable or “Unnoticeable”?

  8. Mark Krijgsman says:

    how are you supposed to know as a not trekkie that stuff abolut the enterprise , besides who gives a shizz

  9. Bekzod Yusupov says:

    In case of CF, every time when she has no/or little arrows left, the next scene they go to cornucopia where all the weaponry is collected. And the island that is mentioned IS actually the place where the cornucopia located. So this one is quite “NOT” unforgivable

  10. What BS. The wall was already there in World War Z. Glinda is MAGIC! Western Electric had a monophone in 1922 named the model 102-A1. THE ENTIRE MOVIE GRAVITY WAS A GIANT MISTAKE. All of Abrams’ Trek movies suck and have more holes in them than a siv. How to have unlimited arrow 101: Step 1 – Shoot Arrow. Step 2 – Go Get Arrow Back. Step 3 – Repeat. THE END! Dur!!!

    Learn to let some things go. Seriously.

  11. Ismael Solano says:

    anoher one in catching fire is when the coil got stuck

  12. Mockingjay says:

    If you read the Catching Fire book it tells you that Katniss collects some more arrows from the cornucopia & I know it doesn’t show in the movie but Peeta is supposed to be carrying a second quiver full of arrows. I guess they left these details like this for the REAL fans of the Hunger Games trilogy.

  13. Bob Andreas says:

    The scar won’t just fall off

  14. The “heterodyning” in Gravity is just merely cinematics. It is placed there to convey that no one is on the other end. I’m willing to bet that 99% of people that viewed the film know anything about heterodyning. It’s just done to give the audience the impression she is alone and she is in trouble.

  15. Star Trek – most of the movie goers (except the Trekkies) don’t know what a Nacelle is. I’m sure it annoyed the Trekkies, but it was most likely in the script to give the audience the impression that Khan is about the really EFF them up.

  16. El Bard Tweets says:

    1 Unforgivable Mistake In This Article: The title of the movie is Star Trek: Into Darkness, not Star Trek: Into the Darkness. 😀

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