Meet Box – The Secure Subscription-Free Cloud Alternative

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It’s time to be the owner of your space in the cloud!

Cloud computing has made life a LOT easier for billions of people around the world. It has given us real-time collaboration, backup and sync, sharing, access to our data from anywhere and has become an integral part of our online lives. However, while most of us find the advantages of the cloud are worth the monthly subscription fees, some cloud providers track our online behavior, sell our info to third parties, change terms and conditions when it suits them, and some even claim legal ownership of our data!

But… what if there was a better way?

Box is the plug-and-play cloud storage alternative that frees you from reliance on subscription cloud services. Instead, it lets you share and collaborate exactly as you do in the cloud while providing private cloud storage and free, open-source apps.

No tracking. No subscription fees. No kidding!

Big Tech charges you to use its cloud hardware. You rent cloud services by paying with cash, personal data, and privacy. Box is different. With Box, YOU are the owner. As a result, you can reclaim your privacy. Box is powered by our open-source, peer-to-peer protocols. These protocols form the Fula network: a secure, encrypted network that replaces big tech hardware with individual Box owners.

You get photo storage, automatic backups, and other free-to-use services. So your data is always available and always secure.

Box puts privacy first.

Box is built from the ground up. It was designed to put the power back into YOUR hands. There is no tracking and no ads. Your data is your property and yours alone. Your photos, files, and data are fully encrypted. Nobody else has a key. Only you can access your data. Only you can share it.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, meet box - the secure subscription-free cloud alternative, internet

Box stays home. Your data comes with you.

Box is stationary hardware that sits on your desk, syncs with your devices, and provides all the advantages you’ve expected from cloud services. Anything you choose to store, from cellphone photos to laptop files, is fully encrypted, synced, and kept safe within your Box.

Your data is safely backed up on the Fula Network.

Your Box connects with other Boxes to form the secure, people-owned Fula network. Box stores your encrypted data and maintains backups on other Box devices connected to the Fula network. And it gives you seamless data access from anywhere. So your data is as safe and recoverable as it is in the cloud, only for free. Available on all your devices, accessible from anywhere.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, meet box - the secure subscription-free cloud alternative, internet

Box provides as much storage as you need.

Cloud storage services typically offer either too little storage or way too much at far too high a cost. Box XL comes with one terabyte of storage. If you need more, you can expand your Box by plugging in an existing storage device, purchasing a new storage tower, or adding a framework expansion card.

Box apps and services are free forever. For real.

Box’s photo app, Fotos, will be ready to use at launch. Fotos is a polished, forever-free app that provides swift, seamless, easy access to and sharing your photos from anywhere, across any device.

Box pays for itself.

With the average American household spending at least $243 per year (2021) on internet subscription services, an investment in Box pays for itself within the first twelve months of ownership. When you start using Box, you start saving as much as $24+ per month and earning $FULA tokens.

You have immediate access to some of Box’s most popular apps, including Fotos, an app that provides fast, easy access to and sharing of your photos from anywhere, across any device; Box Files, which includes file syncing and storage across all your devices; and Box Password Manager (available shortly after release), which leverages hyper-private encryption to guarantee you seamless access to your passwords from anywhere, on any device.

Box rewards open-source developers.

Box creates a sustainable and monetized ecosystem for open-source developers, UX designers, and content creators. They are empowered—and paid—to build free apps for end-users and provide valuable and helpful services like remote office, gaming, messaging, and collaboration tools. The possibilities are endless.

Head over to for more information and get dibs on yours. 

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