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Key Things Worth Knowing About a Katana Sword

A katana  refers to a type of sword that originated from the Japanese tradition. The Samurai who were considered to be highly respected and noble military warriors used these swords. The Samurai warriors were skillful warriors and mastered the art of utilizing a variety of weapons. 

One of these weapons was a long sword called a Katana. Samurais used a katana in duel combat sport, and battlefields. This post explains the key things worth knowing about a katana sword.

The uniqueness of a katana sword 

A katana is a long sword that has several features to make it unique and distinguishable. Many master martial artists who know the Samurai tradition believe that a katana sword needs to have a standard length of blade that has to be more than 23 inches in length. 

In the past, this tool was traditionally constructed using a type of steel known as Tamahagne. Many katana swords you can find on the market have a curved and single-edged blade that is designed for people to hold it in both hands. This curved blade can connect to the handgrip of people who want to hold the sword through square or circular guards. 

These guards are necessary in the sword’s design as it can prevent your hands from getting cut by the blade. Further, it provides the handgrip stability while wielding the sword. 

In most cases, the blades are sometimes customarily decorated. They achieve this by cutting patterns and grooves into the blade. Some of the usual engravings in a katana sword are known to utilize traditional Japanese imagery and symbols. A few common ones include engraved dragons, religious deities, and flowers.

Types of katana 

You can find a few unique types of katana. This includes Shobu-Zukuri, Shinogi-Zukuri, and Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri. It’s worth noting that the difference between these types of swords are the type of blade utilized. Also, you can use each of these blades for different purposes.

For example, Shinogi-Zukuri is the commonest shape you can find, and it is popular because of its agility and effective ability to cut. Likewise, the other types also have unique design and forms of the blades that usually determine the functionality of a katana. 

This combat tool is designed for the defense of the Samurai, so they were lethal when a trained Samurai used them. The katana is highly attractive and unique compared to other forms of swords. This is because  there are usually artistic elements to each sword. In other words, a katana sword is usually uniquely produced by experienced swordsmiths with over centuries perfecting their craft. 

Forging or making a katana sword using different types of materials and steel is an art form similar to the martial art form utilized by the Samurais in sword combats. The swordsmiths tend to follow ancient customs of making the katana grips using distinct design elements and elegant materials. The craftsmanship and style of this sword have evolved throughout the history of the Japanese. Each katana has a unique signature that determines the craftsmen and era responsible for making these weapons.

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