Zigg’s Prepares the Next Explosive League of Legends Event

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Summoners, prepare you wallets. Riot has announced the next event to hit Summoner’s Rift… Zigg’s Pool Party.

Ziggs_poolparty_banner_bszitapp (1)
I guess you could say, it’s going to be an explosive party..

Despite Summer nearly being over (it never truly began here in Britain) the League of Legends homepage featured this little tease into the event:

“Summer’s come to Valoran, and Ziggs, duke of demolition, is throwing a blast of a pool party. Step one: blow up the inflatable pool toys. Hopefully he won’t misunderstand that one. Step two: invite friends! Leona’s here soaking up all the rays, no sunscreen required. Renekton’s on lifeguard duty, but he seems more worried about random explosions than anyone drowning. In the shallow end of the pool, Lee Sin happily studies the motion of the water with his hands while Graves, a sly grin curling across his lips, aims his watergun at the uncharacteristically oblivious monk. Leave it to Ziggs to create an explosive situation, this could get very interesting!”

Welcome to Summer-ers Rift! Your invitation to the coolest dive in Valoran is coming soon.”

The event has promised four new sizzling summer skins for Graves, Renekton, Leona and Lee Sin which have hit the PBE server earlier today.

When asked about the timing of this event, IronStylus, Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games said:

“This was a ton of content, all done simultaneously. That means a LOT of time and resources. We’ve got some custom particles and animations, so that’s even more stuff to do. The Pool Party event was proposed.. I want to say.. not too long after we did the demo at PAX East. So, Beginning of April? That’s actually a TON of stuff to cram into that small of a window. So, no backup, just a lot of work on 5 simultaneous skins. That means concept/iteration, model/texture, animation, VFX, splash and more.

I’d say we did something really epic in a short amount of time considering!”

The skins will each be priced at 975RP upon release and so without further ado, let’s introduce the skins.

Pool Party Leona (975RP)

Pool Party Leona was originally announced during PAX earlier this year with the name “Sunbathing Leona”, but since then has undergone a few changes with her attire and the design of surfboard and parasol.


Also note in the picture the moody looking Ezreal glaring at Taric’s outrageous run as he chases Lux.

Leona also gets some pretty neat new animations. Upon recalling she summons a chair and opens her umbrella to chill her way back to the base.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qh9Nu53xSE]

Pool Party Graves (1350 RP)

Pool party Graves is the most expensive of all the skins however it has been confirmed that for the first few days he will be priced at 975RP.

Even in his trunks, he manages to look badass

For this skin, Graves has swapped his trusty shotgun and cloak for his water gun and swimming trunks as he prepares to DIVE (heh heh) into a teamfight.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRqz551QKFY]

Pool Party Lee Sin (975 RP)

Lee Sin you sly dog!

Even Blind Monks like to relax every once in a while and for once Lee Sin is wearing a shirt as he flirts with Nidalee. Wielding his coconut cocktail and relaxing on a tree, this new Lee Sin skin looks cool despite the weather.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih6UhFV3prQ]

Pool Party Renekton (975 RP)


This skin has to be my favourite of the four, I find Renekton standing watch over the party in his lifeguard attire strangely hilarious. He comes equipped with all the necessary life guard equipment and trusty chair to help watch over top lane.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nGUYF]

Combined with Pool Party Ziggs, these new skins allow for a full Pool Party team to tear up your enemies nexus with, but remember this is still only in the PBE so it could still be to changed!

Here’s hoping for a bundle pack!


Alongside these new skins, Riot also placed other champions in the splash arts, concepts of Pool Party skins for Zac, Aatrox and Orianna can be seen.

Will you be getting any of the skins or all of them? Who do you think should be getting a new skin? Have you spotted any awesome hidden champions in the splash arts? Let me know your thoughts on this next event and League of Legends in general in the comments or send me a tweet @JonathonAalders