YouTube Hosting Geek Week

Youtube geek week

Since the success of YouTube’s Comedy Week, they’ve decided to get a little nerdier with their next idea. Running from August 4-10, YouTube will be hosting its first ever Geek Week. They will be showcasing all sorts of geek related material over the course of the seven days. It will be covering all sorts of geeky topics like: comics, science fiction, anime, etc.. It will contain contain from over 100 different YouTube channels, so it should be quite a blast.

Youtube geek week

YouTube Geek Week

The whole event will be broken down, day by day, in order to provide specific content each day:


Sunday: The beginning of Geek Week will focus on showcasing iconic item in geek culture. These could be characters, movies, TV shows, or any other entertainment that’s classic geek material


Monday: This day is all about anime, comics, and Dr. Who. Wait, that seems like an odd combination. So, Monday is probably going to be a bit of a strange day. This day is for showcasing material from around the world, so it has to be awesome.


Tuesday: Sciency things and education! This will be the time to catch all those cool experiment videos that everyone clicks through in a chain at 4 a.m.


Wednesday: Superheroes! YAY! Capes, powers, cheesy dialogue, all the things that we love about our heroes. From comics to movie, you can catch all the caped crusader content this day.


Thursday: Games, games, and more games. If you like gaming, the this is going to be your day to tune in for sure. It’ll even include original series; inspired by video games


Friday: This day is about fans all the way. Debates, cooking shows, and cosplay, will help involve all of us nerdy viewers. I’m looking forward to learning how to make Dr. Whoodle Casserole.


You may have noticed that there is no Saturday on the list. I’m not sure what the deal is, there doesn’t seem to be any specific plan for the day in the press release. Perhaps it will work as a, “best of” day or something. If you have quick eyes and care to hash tag with #geekweek, you can win badges as well. August 4th – 10th get your geek on.