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You Can Use Google One VPN in 10 New Countries Now

Google has, over the years, been providing its large clientele base with unparalleled internet services and products. The company has stood out in delivering top-notch online advertising, cloud computing, software, hardware, and search engine services. And without relenting, Google has gone on to provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, which has changed how customers secure their online activities and data. 

This is a business strategy that has given Google an edge over competitors as there are many perks that come with the VPN service. Since the launch of Google One, the company has done more than provide robust cloud storage space, and you can now get a VPN service. Google One VPN is the in-thing and customers from different parts of the world can access it. 

Google One VPN was first introduced in the US, but it has expanded to more countries. You can now enjoy and make the most out of the VPN services in 10 new countries. Interestingly, you can clear your doubts by learning using a VPN in Austria or any of these countries with access to the service. 

Besides the USA, a few other countries have been enjoying an excellent way to secure their online activities via VPN. They include Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The good news and thanks to the Cybersecurity Awareness Month initiative, the Google One VPN service has expanded to 10 other countries you should know.

Countries Embracing the Google One VPN Initiative- What to Know

The Google One VPN is available in the Google One subscription service giving it more value and power over competitors. Google One is the official platform for matchless storage purchases, and it is no longer a rebrand for Google Drive. You shouldn’t have any reservations about using Google One as it offers an excellent means to get help from Google experts. 

You don’t even need to stress downloading another VPN app. It is easy to access the VPN service via the Google One app, which you can activate with a single click. You will technically enjoy a free VPN service if you subscribe to the Google 2TB or higher storage plan. 

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Google One VPN. All you need is to check whether this service has expanded to your country. It’s easy and convenient to utilize the Google One Virtual Private Network and stay connected if you reside in these 10 new countries. They include:

  1. Austria 
  2. Belgium 
  3. Denmark 
  4. Finland 
  5. Iceland 
  6. Ireland
  7. Netherlands
  8. Norway 
  9. Sweden 
  10. Switzerland 

Why Google One VPN Is Worth It 

Virtual Private Network by Google One is the real deal and will help keep your activities private if you use it from these countries. It is backed by Google’s top-notch network architecture, meaning you will rest assured of fast performance in encrypting your online activity. Intrinsically, you can always have the VPN operating efficiently while ensuring a fast internet connection across all the services and apps you use each day. Google One VPN is a fairly simple tool to use. Nevertheless, there are grand reasons to use it and enjoy key perks. Have a look:

Security on Public Wi-Fi

The internet is almost everywhere these days, and it’s convenient to rely on public Wi-Fi. However, it comes at the expense of security and can affect your life in one way or another. For instance, when answering emails at a local train station or coffee shop, someone may be tracking your online activity unexpectedly. 

If you are into social media and like scrolling through different platforms when traveling or free, someone may access your private data. But why stress when you have Google One VPN? The VPN service will protect your data while on other networks, hide your browsing history, account passwords, and banking information from any fraudulent breaches.

Data Privacy from Internet Service Providers

Stay connected on a home Wi-Fi is a worthwhile investment, but you are still vulnerable to attacks by strangers. You may be less likely to be a victim of internet scams or breaches than on a public connection. The Internet service provider who provides you with Wi-Fi can easily access all your internet data. Your provider can see when, where and how you use the internet. This data can fall into the wrong hands, but VPN by Google One can save the day by obscuring your IP address from your Wi-Fi provider.

Access to Any Content from Anywhere

Most popular entertainment websites have different terms and conditions for accessing their content in specific regions. Certain content may only be available in specified locations. But if your country is among the few countries where VPN service has grown, you can still access it. The google One VPN will hide your location, and you will appear like browsing the content from another place. 

Data Privacy from Apps and Key Services You Use

Your home internet can also be susceptible to your favorite apps and internet services breaches. These platforms may fail to use your data appropriately and expose your day-to-day online activities. A good VPN by trusted provide like Google will prevent apps and websites from associating your online behavior to your IP address. In addition, it will limit access to your browser history and location. 

Data Privacy from Government Agencies 

Government agencies like spying on their citizens and to the extent of accessing confidential information. And even though Internet Service Providers suggest not to sell your browsing data to such agencies. This private information may somehow find its way into their hands. Even in the US, where cybersecurity is a widely discussed issue, it is not exceptional. The good thing is that it’s easy and convenient to protect your data via a VPN service, primarily if it has expanded to your country.

Security Working Remotely

With many people working from home nowadays, investing in VPN service makes it easy to enjoy a secure connection. You will easily access confidential work data when away from the office or home.

To Sum Up 

If you are into browsing the internet, you may have come across a statement like “this content is not available in your country.” It is a common narrative if your country is not among the countries where Google One VPN service is the trendiest advancement. This service provides extra online security and protection when undertaking different activities online. 

It was initially only available in the United States, but it has expanded to a few other countries, and we have 10 more new locales. It is available for subscribers in the countries mentioned above, and you will be able to use it without restrictions in your country in the coming days. VPN by Google One is available for Android devices and iPhones, and this means the future is bright for many people eager to use it and secure their data. 


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