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Yellowjackets Season 3 Not Coming Until 2025

Yellowjackets season two really threw us for a loop, didn’t it? Natalie was all over the place, stealing the spotlight in both the past and present. Back in their wild days, she sort of morphed into the so-called Antler Queen, and in the present-day saga, well, she faced a shocking fate. Not to mention, the gang dabbled in some… uh, questionable dining habits and lost their shelter to a massive fire—all in a day’s work, right? Now, we’re all itching to see where this craziness goes next but, bummer alert, we’ve got a bit of a wait ahead. Yep, Yellowjackets season three is set to drop in 2025. On the bright side, the cast has been dropping hints left and right about what’s to come. Juliette Lewis even teased that there might be more surprises from grown-up Nat in season three and maybe even further.

What We Know About Yellowjackets Season 3

Alright, so here’s the lowdown on why we’re all stuck waiting a bit longer for the next wild ride with the Yellowjackets crew. Thanks to some real-world drama in the form of writers and actors strikes, the whole production schedule got thrown out of whack. Deadline spilled the beans saying that after those strikes hit pause on pretty much every scripted show out there, the brains behind our favorite psychological thriller finally got back to the drawing board in September. Just think, they had just kicked things into gear when the Writers Guild of America said, “Time out!” one day into their comeback last May. Even though the Yellowjackets team was quick to jump back into action post-strike, Deadline dropped the bomb that we won’t be seeing season three until 2025. Talk about a cliffhanger, right? And that’s about all the dirt we’ve got for now—no other juicy details on when in 2025 we can mark our calendars.

While the wait for Yellowjackets season 3 might feel like forever, the cast and crew have been throwing us some bones to keep our anticipation levels high. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Juliette Lewis, our beloved, now seemingly “ex” Natalie, hinted at some intriguing possibilities. She’s keeping us on our toes about whether we’ll see Nat shake things up again, even suggesting her wild return could be through flashbacks or some other clever narrative twist. “I don’t know anything, but I think that’s a good idea. We’ll see what happens,” Lewis teased. This little nugget of info just adds to the pile of reasons we’re counting the days until the series dazzles us once more.

In the world of Yellowjackets, the line between the impossible and the every day gets pretty blurry. Seriously, when you’ve got a guy cruising around without eyes stirring up chaos and Shauna somehow managing to give a spectral-style update to her chilly, deceased pal, who’s to say what’s next? It totally leaves the door wide open for Nat to make an unexpected comeback, in whatever shape or form that might be.

But hey, it’s not just Juliette Lewis dropping hints about where Yellowjackets is headed next. Nope, other members of the gang have been pretty chatty too, giving us snippets of what’s lurking around the corner for the series.

Speaking of the buzz around Yellowjackets season 3, Samantha Hanratty, our beloved teen Misty, had a heart-to-heart with both Entertainment Tonight and The Hollywood Reporter, sharing her take on the twists headed our way. Reflecting on Adult Natalie’s dramatic exit, she couldn’t help but gush about Juliette Lewis’s stellar performance, saying, “It’s just heartbreaking, you know? Juliette Lewis brings so much to the table that seeing her character go really tugs at the heartstrings. But hey, every cloud has its silver lining. I’m betting this curveball is gonna unearth some pretty interesting layers in our crew. And Sophie Thatcher? She’s got a big job ahead, keeping Natalie’s fierce spirit alive and kicking in Yellowjackets season 3. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.”

And shifting gears to what’s happening back in the wild woods, Hanratty’s got some interesting takes on the whole thing. She muses, “Year one was just a total chaotic disaster. Year two? It’s like everything froze over, and there was this eerie calm. Now, it feels like everything’s starting to thaw out. It’s like we’re moving from winter into what might be spring. When that snow finally clears, all the stuff we’re trying to hide is gonna be out there in the open. That’s my hunch, at least.” Now, keep in mind, Samantha hasn’t gotten her hands on the scripts for season three yet, but her guesses are as educated as they come.

Also, Hanratty is crossing her fingers for Misty to get some peace after the intense moment of ending her buddy Crystal’s time in the forest. She’s really pumped about peeling back more layers of Misty’s complex connection with Coach Ben, especially if it turns out he’s the culprit behind the cabin fire. “Learning he might’ve torched the cabin after I rescued him? Oh, Misty’s definitely plotting her next move. That’s gonna be a blast to watch unfold,” she said, with a hint of excitement in her voice. Looks like Coach Ben might want to stay on his toes.

Yellowjackets season 3

More Yellowjackets Season 3 Predictions

Touching base on Coach Ben, portrayed by Steven Krueger, the wilderness saga seems primed for an escalation in intensity come season three. Krueger tossed in his two cents, hinting, “I’m banking on season three outdoing itself as the most intense, blood-soaked chapter yet. But hey, just to set the record straight, we’re all kind of in the dark here. I’m just piecing together my own predictions.”

The squad’s vibes are pretty much in sync with that whole darker turn of events. Courtney Eaton, our fierce teen Lottie, dished out, “It’s like we’re on this steep slide with the gang. Cheer and sunshine? Not really in the forecast.” On the flip side, Sophie Nélisse, who breathes life into teen Shauna, chimed in with, “Things are getting wild, like seriously wild. We’re veering into the seriously feral zone.”

With all these whispers and hints from the cast, Yellowjackets season 3 is shaping up to be a whirlwind of secrets unveiled, emotional rollercoasters, and perhaps, the most thrilling chapter yet. It’s clear that the cast is just as in the dark and eager as we are to see where this wild ride takes them next. The anticipation for the series’ return might be testing our patience, but it seems like it’ll be worth the wait. Until then, we’ll keep piecing together clues and spinning theories about what’s in store for our favorite stranded survivors.

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