Worst app

Worst App In The World- ‘Hey Fattie!’

Ever wanted to lose weight but don’t have anyone who will call you nasty names till you do?

There’s an app for that now.

Worst app

Worst App In the World

Admit it, we’ve all had a go at the dating sims because learning romance from computers is your only option. Or maybe it’s just me. If you’ve never played one, the way it works is sort of like real life. You buy someone stuff and hope they like it, then you try and guess their favourite number and if you get it right, you’re soul mates and best friends forever!

(Which is not actually how soul mate maths works. Everyone knows it’s:

Number of Action Figures + Times You’ve Watched Tremors

Multiplied by Comic Books Owned

Divided by love/hate of Star Wars/Star Trek

= Compatibility Score).

But in THIS dating sim, your present to your beau is losing your love handles because he hates that. I mean, he loves you, it’s just you disgust him, so could you ‘lose some weight, fat girl’. URGH! I mean, there are ways to talk about getting fit with people you love. But this ain’t it. If this sim resembles your actual dating life, please stop dating whoever you’re dating. That person is horrible and shouldn’t be allowed to date anyone. Ever. Not even in sim Dating.

The other problem with this app is that the nasty version is that it’s aimed at girls. Dudes can download it too if they want, there are no laws against that (except the law of not doing terrible things to yourself because you deserve better). But the version that’s being targeted at men, is a version that just includes cute Anime girls cheering on the weight loss.


Worst app
If you’re looking to get fit, there are PLENTY of good apps out there. Some are free, others cost money. None of them call you “Fattie” and make you pin your hopes on some fake Jerky McJerkington!

Couch to 8KM is a great one or you might like TrailMix Pro.

I prefer Zombie Run. (But that’s only because Rule 1 is: Cardio).
What are your favourite ‘get fit’ apps? Have you used any that are super supportive and motivational? Or do you just play Candy Crush?