Will VR Allow People to Live in Ancient Periods?

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Virtual reality may still be in its embryonic stages, but there are already visions about how revolutionary it could be in the future. As the technology evolves and provides more realistic experiences, there’s the potential for it to offer users the chance to live lives in different worlds.

The ability to travel back to the distant past is something that a lot of people will be interested in, and VR will soon have the power to offer that. Indeed, VR users may soon be able to live alternate lives in the Aztec or Egyptian eras.

Widespread Interest in Historical Periods in Mainstream Culture

There’s no doubt that, as VR technology progresses, developers will attempt to create detailed ancient worlds. History-inspired offerings are hugely popular in the mainstream, and this is highlighted by their abundance in the iGaming industry. For example, many people play Temple Tumble slot at Betfair Casino due to its Aztec era themes. The game transports players to an ancient temple, where they encounter various artefacts from the period.

Ancient Greece is another hugely popular ancient time, with countless modern offerings based on the period. The Age of the Gods games make up one of the most played slots series of all time, and there are other standalone titles based on the various mythological figures of the time. Many works in television and film are inspired by the tales of ancient Greece too, with Kaos set to be the next release in 2024.

Reconstructing Ancient Worlds

Archeologists have done a lot of the hard work in uncovering ancient sites and remnants from bygone eras. Now, VR developers can take this and digitalize it to recreate the worlds of yesteryear. This isn’t out of the question, as many console games have already achieved this. However, players haven’t yet had a chance to feel as if they are physically living in these times.

For this to come to fruition, it may take another decade or so of advancements in VR. Reconstructing an ancient era would be pushing it to the limits of its capabilities, but it’s something that is likely to be achievable when artificial intelligence is integrated with VR. The technology will be able to create procedurally generated worlds and non-player characters that are incredibly realistic.

Developing a True Understanding of the Past

There have been many documentaries and books about the past to give people an idea of what it was like. However, up to now, no historical content has given people the chance to experience these times firsthand.

VR is set to change that, and users will soon find themselves living the lives of people from ancient civilizations. They will be able to select to live as anyone from a peasant in ancient Greece to a pharaoh in ancient Egypt – there are likely to be limitless options.According to projections for 2030 from GlobeNewswire, VR could be worth $441 billion. At that point, it’s likely to have advanced greatly, and there may already be detailed historical offerings for users to experience.

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