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Why might data science be the right career path for you?

Data is building all the time. As the population expands, so does data! However, the concept of data science itself is actually fairly new.

Crucially, data science is all about looking at information. It is the intensive study and analysis of what information tells us, how it can help us to develop new systems and processes, and how we can use this data to our advantage for the years ahead.

However, data science is more than just ‘looking at the numbers.’ If you choose to sign up for any data science masters programs, for example, you’ll probe deeply into different types of data and their knock-on effect. Kettering University offers an intensive online course that enables you to dive right into data exploration and will offer you a plethora of transferable skills.

What skills will you learn?

Leading data science courses will furnish you with transferable skills that you can use in a wide array of scenarios out in the field.

For example, one of the most lucrative skills that you can transfer to applicable roles right now is that of how to analyze machine learning applications and AI. A data science program will introduce you to how automated statistical collection can help to improve the quality of information we receive, as well as how – and why – it’s important to know when to scale up and down.

Of course, other transferable skills include programming knowledge and visualization management. Much of the data that we crunch in the here and now is visual! To be able to tap into some of the wider and more complex data silos and bases, of course, we need to understand how to run complex programs, code and equations. There are many, many fundamentals to programming that you can use in data science roles beyond your initial training.

There are also soft skills that you will learn. For example, while a thirst for ‘big data’ is already a must when signing up to courses such as these, you’ll graduate with a greater appreciation for data strategy and creative solutions. You’ll graduate with the ability to produce effective solutions to apparently complex problems. Above all, you’ll be passionate about helping clients achieve data cleanliness and to help grow their enterprises.

What might you go on to do?

Data scientists are, by and large, in wide demand. What’s more, any given data scientist could work in one of many different sectors and/or spheres.

For example, data science education could take you into the world of pharmaceutical production, into logistics and transport, or even into aerospace. You could even be responsible for helping to streamline budgets, or to make everyday production for a manufacturing firm that little bit more efficient.

Ultimately, we are producing and consuming data more than ever before. Without scientists, data gets messy, confusing, and loses its potential. Could you have what it takes to help transform numbers and code into plans of action that pay off for businesses and consumers? You might even find that you make the world a better place – a few digits at a time!


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