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What Makes This Language-Learning App Premium

Technology blurs lines and crosses borders faster than any human can, and the global interconnectivity of the information age has been majorly eye opening. Now, more than ever, you can connect and work with people from around the globe live via video chat, remote working, and for companies based in countries all over. The possibilities are mind boggling. And while it is really cool to know how to write the same code as someone from another place, who speaks another language — it can also be extremely gratifying to learn the language. 

Many of us fantasize, set out to, and want to learn another language. Yes, to speak to colleagues and open up employment possibilities, but also to broaden our horizons. If you’re into tech and spend a lot of time online, working from your home office, and staring at screens, then getting out traveling can do a world for you. And that’s another area where knowing a second, or third language can help. As for learning that language, Babbel is your best bet. 

How Babbel Stands Out

Available in 14 languages, this highly decorated and widely used language learning software takes an effective approach that’s rooted in many different philosophies. Babbel provides subscribers with bite-sized, ten-minute lessons that are informative, impactful, and easy to move around your busy work and family calendar events that pop up at different times throughout a given day. 

Pushing further, it adds an extensive variety of tools and resources including: podcasts, interactive games, entertaining videos, and even live courses with remote instructors via Babbel Live. From the onset, Babbel has you speaking, and it helps you perfect your accent and pronunciation with its advanced Speech Recognition Technology. This is one element of the many ways that this language-learning software takes a more holistic approach to teaching with added focus on culture. 

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, what makes this language-learning app premium, explainers

The Context of What You’re Saying

People always say that it’s difficult to understand nuances like humor and even dismay when in a foreign place and speaking in a language that’s not your native tongue. To add to its efficacy as a teaching platform, Babbel includes context tips in its lesson plans, and even provides in-depth, comprehensive courses on countries and traditions. 

Babbel’s Approach is Geared to Benefit Subscribers

Babbel subscribers have been reported to start speaking conversationally within three weeks of using it daily. That impressive speed matched with the cultural and conversational features of the platform add up to embody a service that is designed to truly benefit its subscribers. That might be why over 10 million of them have signed up, with millions of five-star reviews on its website. One of them, a subscriber named Anna, wrote that it is, “An addictively fun and easy way to learn a new language or brush up on language skills!” 

If you try Babbel and aren’t satisfied, you can take advantage of its 20-day money-back guarantee
Speaking of money, you can get up to 55% off your subscription to Babbel for a limited time.

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