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What Job can you get with an Information Systems Technology Degree?

If you’re reaching the end of your formal education but are looking to undertake a degree program or wish to continue your higher education and gain a Master’s degree, then your choice of subject will be vitally important. Higher-education qualifications such as a Batchelor’s or Master’s degree can give you the skills and knowledge to gain a well-paid and meaningful career in the subject area of your choice. 

One degree path that is becoming increasingly popular is to learn critical skills and knowledge in the field of information systems technology. If you are highly computer literate and enjoy problem solving and using critical thinking skills, then a degree in this field could be the ideal choice for you. 

There are a wide range of career paths that can be taken after you’ve graduated in this subject area. In this article, three types of job that can be gained with an information systems technology degree will be explored. 

Data Scientist

The role of a qualified data scientist has become increasingly in demand in recent years. It’s a profession that typically requires an information systems technology degree and is a high-paid role with a starting salary around $95k a year. 

Data science has become a vital tool in every sector of business. By analyzing complex data, often from a variety of sources, a data scientist can use specialist software platforms such as Microsoft Power BI to draw out insights that can help to shape the direction and decision-making of an organization. In the increasingly competitive and complex world of commerce and industry, the power of data is being used to give companies a competitive advantage and ensure that data-driven decision making takes place.

Technical support specialist

If you have a passion for IT systems and enjoy the thought of helping others when they encounter problems, then you may be ideally suited to the role of technical support specialist. These staff members often work from a remote help desk and resolve issues with tech devices by phone or email. 

Candidates for this career path should have highly developed communication skills, be able to work well under pressure and should be able to explain complex information in a way that can be understood by those who don’t have in-depth IT knowledge. This role provides a working day that is full of variety and the renumeration is competitive with typical starting salaries ranging between $40 and $52k a year.

Web developer

As a final career option, the profession of web developer offers an exciting mix of creativity and coding skills. Web developers are commonly tasked with designing and maintaining web sites and pages. They need to have well developed coding skills in languages such as C++ and Python. 

A typical day may involve building a new website or web page that requires specific coding to embed specific apps or widgets within the page. Web developers also need to be able to trouble-shoot computer code and identify the source of issues when a web page doesn’t function as expected. This field of work tends to be exceptionally well paid. Depending on the specialist skills and knowledge you have, starting salaries may range from $80 to over $100k for a full-stack web developer.

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