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What is Shopify and Why Is It Becoming More Popular?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that helps small businesses survive and thrive online. Most small businesses appreciate the Shopify platform because it allows them to sell their products without significant fees.

Yes, the platform is widely popular among dropshipping gurus who talk of immense riches on the Shopify platform. There must be some truth to why it is a fan favorite. We’ve seen how it went from a tiny little shop to carving out a niche that appeals to individuals and small businesses everywhere.

Did you know that it was able to grow quickly in less than five years? Further, the online entity has more than $8 billion in gross merchandise volume with at least 200,000 store operators. As with all fast growing online solutions, this one came out of the founders’s burning need to find something that would be better. He knew that he would only survive in business if he appealed to his audience and made their lives easier.

“Your Audience is Your Lifeblood.” Tobias Lutke, founder of Shopify

Lutke understood that in this new world of business you must think like Seth Godin and care about your audience and your potential customer base. Those that understand the value of caring for your customers and improving their experience regularly will appreciate the regular improvements that Shopify has to offer. That is why customers of Shopify stick around for the long haul.

The fact is that Tobias Lutke and his team at Shopify invest in what matters and have gotten it right so far. That is why Shopify stock continues to stay steady and strong even during turbulent times like that of COVID-19.

Time is energy that you can invest in things, and money is energy that you can invest. Time has significantly more leverage than money in terms of how much energy you get out of time. – Tobias Lutke

Shopify wins because it doesn’t stop innovating, it makes changes, then fine tunes even further until they can get their platform just right, and then, it keeps on improving. They loathe unpleasant customer experiences and realize that bad reviews and feelings can quickly grow on the worldwide web.

This ethos, in my view, is why Shopify is a strong brand and will continue to stay strong over the next few years.

Shopify Makes Sense and Saves Cents

The first thing that entrepreneurs and startups will notice about Shopify is that it is cost effective overall. This is one core reason why Shopify succeeds in a world where there are a variety of options. 

You can see that Shopify makes sense from the very start of your journey. For instance,  browse to Shopify and look at the first few areas on the homepage. Your eyes will turn to two simple phrases, build your business and start your free trial.

Those two phrases are music to everyone who wants to start out online or augment their other online businesses. The platform pushed the needle even further by offering an extended 90 day free trial during COVID-19. Again, that’s 90 days to experience and experiment with the platform.


This helps startups and entrepreneurs to get started on their journey and survive without incurring costs to do so.

But they’ve been doing this since the start. In fact, this is how they grew quickly and attracted a wide base of users. Users tried out, fell in love, and stayed for a while. Especially once they discovered the benefits of including a table of contents on their Shopify blogs.

Now, if you tinker with the platform, get used to it, and find that you love it, you are very likely to stick around for the long-term. You’re not using Shopify to make friends, you’re there to build a business by serving customers. Business owners like yourself will make sure to invest time and money to research products, make sure that the site looks professional, and understand the cost to advertise on places like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Further, you are diving into the world of search engine optimization and seeking out ways to stay relevant. 

This is why, once you’re on Shopify and you’re serious about building a business, you’re going to live there. You gravitate to Shopify for the free trial, and stay for the simplicity.

Shopify Helps You Make Your Store Uniquely You

You want to feel special and your customers need to feel special. It won’t feel that way if you have a drab and generic storefront. The storefront tells a story, remember that narratives move the world. 

You can add your unique themes to create a home a compelling home for your customers from a visual and functional standpoint. There’s significant value in this aspect because it lets $SHOP owners customize their brands and create different customer experiences all on one commerce platform. Brands can form compelling first impressions without compromising their style.

What’s even more interesting is that as Shopify grows, more people create themes and solutions that allow potential storefront owners to get even more value by being on Shopify.

Shopify lets more people unlock their creativity.

No Need to Worry about Infrastructure

New and existing online merchants do not want to worry about their site infrastructure. That’s boring but not only is tedious they have to worry about other things that matter to customers. Shopify takes care of hosting and similar aspects for you.

The company simplifies your life and lets you focus more on your customers.


Speaking of focusing on your customers, marketing is vital in this process and Shopify helps you with this aspect as well. They do so by providing you with tools to reach out to customers on the platform. You don’t need to use a mailchimp or other external email software providers and can stay within the comfortable cocoon that is the Shopify platform.

The company just released an email feature that allows you to send amazing messages that make you look like a Fortune 500 brand. That’s a fascinating add on and shows you that Shopify is still on the ball and will continue to innovate and thrive over the next several years.

Your retail business doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. You have to be seen and heard by your customers.

Customer Support 

One thing that Shopify does really well is customer support. It is there 24/7 to resolve all of your troubles. This is critical for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs everywhere who seek to move fast and get the job done.

Poor customer support would push customers away and slow small businesses down. That is why the e-commerce platform focused on building this component and improving it each and every single year.

General Tools

You can depend on Shopify to have tools that range from gift cards to reporting to real time carrier shipping, staff accounts, and even a point of sale functionality.

It is a powerhouse platform and caters to customers in different tiers. It offers transparency and a simple dashboard to manage your store. Shopify is so successful because it works each day to simplify the process of running your store .

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