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What is a CVV?

CVV stands for card verification value. It is a code normally found on your credit card designed to prevent fraud. The security codes are a form of two-step verification known only by you or other people who have seen the physical card. The code will be required to confirm that you’re using a legitimate card on your online purchases. 

Why Do I Need A CVV?

The vulnerabilities in online purchases raise the possibility of hackers accessing and misusing your card information. In such an instance, your Name, PIN, card numbers are at risk but not your CVV since it’s on the physical card. Nonetheless, you’re still vulnerable as the hackers may use your card information on websites that don’t require CVV. 

You can locate your CVV number by looking at the debit or credit card, as seen in the image below.

Pastedgraphic. Png

Other names used to refer to the CVV include card verification code (CVC), card identification number (CID), card security code (CSC), or Card verification value 2nd generation (CVV2). Mastercard, Discover, Visa cards have 3-digit CVV, but American Express cards have four digits. Note that the CVV is not part of your card expiration date, PIN, debit, or credit card number. 

Although the CVV provides an additional layer of fraud protection, it only makes fraud difficult, not impossible

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