What beginners should know about collecting dinosaur figures

What Beginners Should Know About Collecting Dinosaur Figures

Even though dinosaurs are extinct now, we’re still obsessed with them. From kids playing with dinosaur toys to adults geeking out over the latest Jurassic Park movie, dinosaurs continue to capture our attention and imagination.

Some of us aren’t content just watching them on the big screen. We want to keep some of these creatures for ourselves! While we sadly can’t have them as pets, we can collect them. If you’ve never had a figurine collection before, that’s OK. Keep reading to learn what beginners should know about collecting dinosaur figures.

Know What To Look For

If all you know is that you want to collect dinosaur figures, you’re going to be lost. You have to narrow down your collection idea so that you know what to look for.

Do you prefer dinosaurs from a specific period? If so, write down that period (and possibly adjacent periods) and start looking.

What material do you want your figures made of? Knowing the difference between plastic and resin model kits and figurines will help you narrow down your collection possibilities.

What type of figure condition are you looking for? Anyone could be offering dinosaur figures for sale. Commit to the quality of the figures you want in your collection before you buy something that seems cool but is actually low quality.

Know Your Space

Collecting anything takes up space. While collecting dinosaur figures will take up considerably less space than large building sets or travel souvenirs, they’ll still need somewhere to go in your home. You’ll most likely want them on some type of display so that you and your guests can enjoy them. Even if you don’t put them on display, you need to store them somewhere.

Before starting your collection, study your space and set aside a specific area for display or storage. Know the general size of the figures you plan to collect and what type of packaging they come in. That way, you’ll have space ready for your figures when you get them, and you’ll know that you can either store the packaging somewhere or throw it away.

Know Your Budget

You’re collecting dinosaurs because you love them, but sometimes that love can get out of control. Before starting your collection, you need to know your collection budget. How much are you willing to spend per figure? How many figures do you plan to buy? How often do you plan to purchase them? Break down your budget in monthly or weekly increments so that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you start bringing these figures into your home. Otherwise, this hobby could break your heart.

There’s plenty of information that beginners need to know about collecting dinosaur figures. Your preferences, space, and budget will be key elements in starting and setting up your figurine collection. As long as you prepare, your collection will be fun to build, and you’ll soon have an impressive set of figurines on display.

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