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What are the weekly side events in World of WarCraft?

Warcraft is renowned for its variety of content. Here, each player can do what he wants: whether it be battles with opponents, fights in the arena or simple fishing against the backdrop of beautiful sunsets. It is for the variety of games that people love this masterpiece of the gaming industry.

But the game is famous not only for leisure options, specializations and mobs. The developers regularly add something, work on seasonal and holiday events, new formats and minor changes. And we will talk about weekly activities for players. Yes, they are called "Weekly events".

The developers called the system "additional events system". She is featured on the players' calendar and prepares something new every week. These can be tasks, rewards, new modes for completing quests and new conditions. Events like these reward players and heroes generously. You can get not only passive bonuses that will help in different aspects of the game, but also a thematic task. It will be designed just for you. For its implementation, players will receive a significant reward.

Is it worth participating in them?

Of course it's worth it. Participating in new events within the game is always fun. Although no, sometimes it can be difficult and you have to work hard to get the final reward, but it is definitely worth it. On the players' in-game calendar, all events are marked by start / end dates. At a certain moment, the event will become active, and the player will receive a chain of tasks that must be completed. Heroes are heading into the arena this week.

In order to take part in the event, you need to open the ally search menu, select the "PvP" mode and mark the "normal" icon. Players will spend many hours going through the following adventures:

In Oribossa, Keeper Ka-Tollu is waiting for the heroes to give them a special assignment. Yes, you can not fly to him, but simply select a quest in the journal. For the task to become active, you need to finish 10 skirmishes in the arena with the winner. As a reward, you will receive a unique chest with PvP rewards. Includes one Radiant Azerite Core. But that's not all. All players receive an increase of 50% to the gained points of honor in the arena. And this is a big bonus, especially for those who like to fight once in a while.

This week is a great opportunity to climb the arena and farm a lot of Honor Pts.

Boosting for weekly events in WoW

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