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3 Helpful Ways To Utilize Dictation Software On Your Phone

Dictation software has come a long way since secretaries spent their time making notes for executives. Formal programs, like Dragon Diction, have come down in price. All program varieties of it, no matter the cost of ownership, feature advanced technologies that are better able to differentiate between words. In fact, most laptops, tablets, and phones have some level of voice recognition technology integrated into their software. Often it’s classified as an accessibility feature, though it’s helpful for all sorts of things.

Draft Emails On The Go

Drafting emails is much easier when dictated on the go. I think really well on walks, for instance, and being able to “draft” a particularly difficult email while walking allows me to think about what I want to say in a personable way and just say it. Some dictation users have noted that their written tone in emails has improved, particularly when they need to discuss something serious with another person. The emails are more conversational, perhaps because they were really spoken anyway. Hopefully this will make your emails work better and not cause any unnecessary miscommunications about tone and intent.

 Tackle Huge Projects

If you’re working on a large written project, like a dissertation, novel, or handbook, the most intimidating part of the process is staring at the blank page and actually writing. But dictation software changes that. By just talking through parts of your outline, you’ll start working on that project with words already on the page, which is way less intimidating than starting with nothing. Even if you don’t create most of the content through dictation software, writing at least the beginning of the content this way might speed up the overall writing process.

 Record Fleeting Ideas

The voice dictation software on your phone is also handy when you’re on the go and have a fantastic idea (or conversely, are in your bed and remember a really awesome dream). Dictation is roughly three times quicker than typing something out, which is great for catching fleeting ideas before you happen to forget them. Just remember that if you’re going to utilize free software for this, like Dragon Dictation’s mobile phone app, that you’ve stored this app somewhere handy. The last thing you’ll want to do when trying to catch a fleeting idea is to waste a ton of time trying to find your dictation app.