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Warlords of Draenor Cinematic and Street-Date Reveal – Everything You Need To Know



12:31 – Intro voice and crowd screaming as stage is revealed. Chris Waters is brought on stage.

12:32 – Chris Waters offers welcoming statement and thanks to the crowd for attending.

12:33 – Mentiones Cinematic, Animated Series, and Street Date announcement

12:34 – Mike Morhaime is welcomed to the stage.

12:35 – Morhaime talks about anniversary of WoW and mentions how WoD brings WoW back to its roots.

12:36 – Chris Waters back on stage. Setting up for interview in a few moments. Encourages both Alliance and Horde to cheer for respective factions.

12:37 – Brian Holinka and and Ion Hazzikostas on stage. Brian is a Senior Game Designer. Ion is Lead Game Designer.

12:38 – Addressing level 90 boost that comes with WoD order. Mentions being able to just jump right into WoD without having to level.

12:39 – Mentioning all of the updated character models that have taken place. Covers the streamlining of player bars to get rid of redundant abilities.

12:41 – Discussing Garrisons and how some of the original RTS game-play is being brought back.

12:43 – Covering new PVP opportunities. World PVP and new PVP opportunities exist in Ashrand.

12:45 – Crowd cheers at nostalgic remembrance of Alterac Valley going on for days with Epic Spawns.

12:47 – Creativity flowing from PVP game designers that allows players to find special tomes for crazy buffs.

12: 48 – Ashrand also offers currency that is available by looting other players that you kill.

12:49 – Discussing Dark Portal and it’s role in WoD.

12:51 – Discussing World Event prior to WoD being released. Level 90 Upper Black Rock Spire Preview of max level dungeon. Limited Time Only.

12:53 – Brian and Ion leave stage.

12:54 – Introduction by Blizzard SVP, Chris Metzen

12:55 – Speaking about cinematic and how near and dear the process is to Blizzard creator’s hearts.

12:56 – Introducing the animated World of Warcraft series – “Lords of War” First episode to play at event.

12:57- Animated series, Lords of War, plays for audience.

1:02 – “Lords of War” Episode one ends.

1:03 – Teaser plays for the rest of the ‘Lords of War’ animated series

1:05 – Chris Waters introduces a look at WoD in-game footage.

1:06 – Footage includes Talador, Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley

1:06 – Spires of Arak, Dark Portal, and new dungeon footage

1:08- Also includes Skyreach, and a hilarious shot of a dead Leeroy Jenkins

1:09 – A look at new PVP and Garrison content

1:10 – Footage also details each of the new character models

1:11- Chris Metzen begins introduction for WoD Cinematic

1:13 – Cinematic Begins