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Video Games That You Should Try Over The Christmas Break

For a lot of people, the Christmas break is a perfect time to relax and binge video games. Why? Because presents of course! What better way to show appreciation for your video game gift handed to you by a loved one, than to play the living daylights out of it over the holidays? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in possession of a full Steam Wallet to get you on your way to grabbing some games yourself. Treat yourself, try your hand at maybe a game you’ve never considered? Ever tried Mahjong – Better yet, Christmas Mahjong? Either way, If you’re struggling with what to play, here’s a few games that really hit big this year that we’d recommend giving a shot, if you haven’t already.

God of War Ragnarok 

After the success of God of War 4,God of War Ragnarok was equally met with the same, if not more praise. If you’ve played the God of War 4, you’ll understand that the story in Ragnarok follows on directly from the events of God of War 4. As with the 4th Instalment, the cutscenes are fantastic, and the gameplay is smooth. The only negative, if any, is that we’re no longer treated to Kratos’ dulcet tones yelling ‘“BOY” to Atreus, as Atreus now appears to be a teenager and as such has earned Kratos’ respect. With the new DLC Valhalla recently released for Ragnarok (And it’s free), this is as good a time as any to get into the game


When Bethesda announced that they were in the process of making what fans fondly referred to as “Fallout in Space”, the community couldn’t wait to get their hands on this game. Starfield truly is a masterpiece, and just like how most of us imagine outer space, the game really opened out from the get go, literally. There’s so much to do, see and experience. The game keeps to the successful formula of a Bethesda game, with it’s RPG elements and 

the freedom (mostly) to explore as you please. This game is now free on the Xbox and PC gamepass, so if you have either of those, this is a perfect chance to give this game a shot. 

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 

The newest edition of the Pokemon franchise was massively anticipated when announced, there was a lot of hype behind this new edition. And at first glance, you could see why. A lot was changed and game changing features were added; For the first time, Pokemon battles took place in the same overworld setting that your character walks around in, which made for a much smoother transition to battles. On release, the game, while ambitious, had some serious bugs to work out, but you could definitely see the potential. Now we’ve had some time for the bugs to be fixed, and new life has been burst into the game. With a new DLC being released over a week ago that gives players the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and obtain some of the old starter pokemon, now’s a great time to start picking this game up.

Elden RingEven if you’ve never played any of the ‘souls like’ games, you’d still have undoubtedly heard the stories – souls like games are incredibly difficult, frighteningly unforgiving if you’re not laser focused at all times, and so on. Here’s the thing, for the most part, they are, but that’s exactly what makes them such brilliant games. It’s just so satisfying. And right now, Elden sits atop the throne for souls like, thanks to the inclusion of an almost completely open and free spirit approach to the game. You’re free to play however you like. Of course, there is a storyline and eventually you will have to follow a certain level of linearity, but still, it allows more freedom than most, to play as you wish. With alternative endings and varying reactions to how you act in the game, this game has great playable value, and if its you first game of the genre, you won’t forget the feeling of beating your first boss, after spending your free time memorising and analysing fight patterns. This game isnt necessarily for the meek of heart, but it IS for the ones who want a true reward. Not to mention, the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC has been announced recently, scheduled to come out next year, so its a great time to familiarise yourself with the story and finish the main plot before the DLC is due. Most definitely worth the time you’ll undoubtedly invest into this.

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