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Video conferencing without trouble: the iMind platform

Using video conferencing tools and equipment, people facilitate their work a lot. It gives plenty of opportunities to speed up communication, raise the comfort level, and facilitate decision-making. But the main issue that remains because of the diversity of products on the market – is the quality. How to define if a product meets your requirements, and why is iMind popularity growing?

iMind – a platform for remote communication

We mentioned the iMind name in the introduction, and if you did not hear about it previously, there’s a chance to get acquainted. IMind is a project of the Mind company that develops IT solutions for communication needs. The platform started its development in 2012 and since then has grown significantly. 

In 2022 spring the iMind tool was considered one of the best video conferencing solutions (G2 reviews rate). General characteristics and specific peculiarities make iMind a comfortable way for a team to keep in touch, and below, you can learn why.

Why is it so easy to use iMind?

One of the core platform’s peculiarities is simplicity. The intuitive interface and general sleek design make it easy for any customer to use. The default features complete this idea, so usage is not only easy but productive. 

To be more specific about the features, let’s look closer at what iMind offers:

  • A simple principle of a room creating and joining. To make one, you need to enter its name. The system creates a link with this name then you share it. To join – just follow the link.
  • High-quality video and sound. The system transmits the signal at the top quality if you have a stable Internet connection. 
  • Elimination of noise from the backgrounds. Thus, if you use the tool in some crowded place, or if there are unwanted sounds from your window – you can stay calm about the quality of your communication. 
  • Availability for a browser or in-app use. It releases you from the trouble of caring about the compatibility with OS.
  • 24-hour conference duration. The platform gives you enough time to discuss everything you need without interruptions.

If summarizing all the factors mentioned, the iMind tool presents itself as really comfortable to apply. But what about the practical experience?

It’s a fact, not just ad – users’ opinion

The iMind solution develops quickly, and it’s a chance to observe how well the team considers current tendencies and users’ reviews. 

As for the present moment, USA users are satisfied with the product they used. The most helpful features are:

  • free plan with ample room for professional activity of an individual;
  • connection safety and quality;
  • concurrent screen sharing;
  • maximum attendees volume.

To learn more detailed info on the functionality, visit the page. For reading or leaving reviews, the G2 source is available. 

If you look for a video conferencing tool to help your workflow, the iMind is one of the best options. Visit the website, learn the peculiarities, and try it yourself to find out how convenient it is.

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