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Top 8 Apps For Football Fans

Soccer is arguably the world’s most popular sport, with major leagues spread all over the globe.
Thousands of players enjoy the game, while footballfans are always looking for a way to enjoy
the sport live. For this reason, having an app that can give the latest news on your favorite player,
league, or team will help you easily keep track of everything in the game.

Here are the top eight football apps that fans might want to download on their smartphones.

1. BeSoccer

This popular soccer app supports almost all popular leagues globally, including the MLS, La
Liga, and Premier League. The app also comes with push notifications for weekly schedules,
games, team stats, commentary, and live individual matches. Even better, everything is brought
together in a clean Material Design user interface.

2. FlashScores

FlashScores gives you a live update of your favorite games on a busy football night. The app not
only brings you scores on football, but it also covers 30+ sports with over 5000 competitions
worldwide. With this app, you’ll stay updated on live tables, live text commentary, H2H stats, the
competition draws, and highlights.

3. Forza Football

Forza Football fixtures live scores, opinion polls, video highlight, and push notifications,
something you don’t often find bundled in a single app. Besides being a live score app, it’s also
helping change the game’s face by liberating and sharing fans’ opinions worldwide.

4. FIFA Mobile Football

While this app won’t give you the latest news on your favorite league, FIFA Mobile Football is
what you need if you’re tired of watching others play the game. This mobile football game allows
you to become a footballer, including everything you’d like to see in a soccer game. That
includes the ability to go head-to-head with other teams and manage your team while enjoying
lots of great content daily.

5. FotMob

FotMob is yet another competitive mobile soccer app covering almost all the big leagues in the
world. The app covers all the basics, such as stats, lineups, cards, goals, schedules, substitutions,
and more. The user interface is built with Material Design, giving it a clean and intuitive feel.

Some users have complained of the push notifications misbehaving at times, though the app
seems quite stable.

6. FootyStats

Are you wondering which football team has the most goals? What about the teams most likely to
concede a goal before half time? All this information can help soccer fans, especially those
planning to wager on games like pros. Fortunately, FootyStats puts all these detailed statistics at
your fingertips in a very simple way.

7. ESPN and ESPN+

North American soccer fans will love what ESPN has to offer. The apps come with the usual
array of insights, news, and opinion pieces, though it also boasts of ESPN+, a sports streaming
service with lots of games. As such, ESPN+ is the cheapest option to watch MLS games from
your smartphone. However, European soccer fans might not find it very useful unless they like
watching American soccer.

8. Feedly

Unlike the other apps on the list, Feedly doesn’t have its own content. Instead, this RSS app
allows you to create a personal library of football content from your favorite blogs, YouTube
Channels, sites, and other online media. The app has a clean interface, and it tracks what you’ve
read and what you haven’t while syncing with all your devices.

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