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Top 5 Puzzle Games to Play with Kids

Fun games should not only be entertaining but should also make your child think and teach them something. Puzzles are also a great way of keeping your kids entertained and occupied and also ensuring they do not spend too much time on their phones and computers. There are different types of games that work for kids of different ages, and we will be looking at the best ones below.

Camelot Jr.

Camelot Jr is a problem-solving and pattern recognition puzzle game. Players are given a set of blocks and stairs that they should use to build stairs and wood towers. These create different paths that allow the princess and knight to meet. The aim is to create the most efficient path with the least number of pieces. There is also no jumping allowed as the figures can only walk on top of the walls or up the stairs.

Jigsaw Puzzles

This is another problem-solving and pattern recognition game suitable for kids over three years. This is because the game has small pieces that present a choking hazard. The game consists of puzzle pieces that have small bits of an image on them.

The player has to assemble the pieces to form an image which is typically provided on top of or inside the box. These puzzles come in different sizes and different numbers of pieces. The more pieces there are, the more complicated the puzzle gets so such puzzles are suited for teens, young adults, and adults.


Scrabble is much more than a puzzle because it also helps improve your kids’ vocabulary. It can also teach your kids to think strategically so they place their pieces in a way that stops their opponent from getting high scores.

Scrabble is a fun game for everyone with simple rules. Players are given tiles with letters on them, and they have to create words and place them on a board to score points. Parents can help their kids get better at the game by letting them use tools that help them learn new words. For example, they can use Unscramble which takes any jumbled up group of letters such as those on their tiles and gives them words of different lengths.

Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube was developed in the 1970s and its popularity has not faded after all these years. This puzzle consists of a 3X3X3 cube whose sides are painted different colors. The cube is first scrambled by turning parts of it so that smaller cubes with different colors on them face the same direction. Solving the cube means moving the pieces until all that have the same color end on the same side. 

This might sound easy enough, but the Rubik’s cube has given a lot of people sleepless nights because of how easy it seems to solve, and how difficult it actually is. Those who want an even harder challenge can buy different variations of the puzzle.


Chess is less of a puzzle and more of a strategy game, but it requires many of the same problem-solving skills that other puzzles require. Players sit opposite each other with an 8X8 board with chess pieces on it between them.

Players have to move the pieces to capture their opponent’s pieces, avoid their pieces getting caught, and trap the opponent’s king. The game ends when the king has no legal moves, which is known as checkmate.

Chess can be a very complicated game depending on who is playing. This is why it is a good idea to leave it for older kids and to let kids of similar strengths play with each other.

You can find so many puzzle games to play with your kids. It is a good idea to get ones made for their age to avoid them getting frustrated and leaving the games to spend their time on something else.

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