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Together Raises Seed Funding To Increase AI Accessibility

Together is an open-source AI startup. The firm announced today that it has raised $20 million in seed funding. 

The AI-oriented company seeks to utilize the funding to build the best open-source generative AI models and an AI-specific cloud platform. 

The firm, like other companies, believes that this technology will have a significant impact on society, culture, and patterns of behavior. It seeks to obtain outcomes that provide a large benefit to society. The core idea is that they want to do it through open and participatory means for a collective approach to this technology.

How will it do so?

It seeks to create better open models, work with decentralized infrastructure providers, and other parties to bring about the vision of democratizing AI for all.

Together claims it does not store or use customer or training data by default. Customers can opt in and share their data with Together for training models.

The company seems to have strong backers through the likes of investors such as Accel, Breyer Capital, and Greylock Partners.

Together is one of a number of startups that are working to make AI more open and accessible. These companies believe that open AI will lead to better innovation and more widespread adoption of AI technology.

How is Together different from other AI startups?

Together seeks to be different from a host other AI startups in a few key ways. First, it is committed to open source development. This would indicate that anyone can contribute to the development of Together’s AI models and cloud platform. This more inclusive approach has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased transparency and accountability: Open source development makes it easier for people to understand how Together’s AI models work and to identify potential biases.
  • Increased innovation: Open source development allows anyone to build on Together’s work and create new AI applications.
  • Increased accessibility: Open source development makes it possible for anyone to use Together’s AI models and cloud platform, regardless of their financial resources.

Second, Together is focused on building decentralized AI systems. This means that Together’s AI models are not owned or controlled by any single entity. Instead, they are owned and controlled by the community of people who contribute to their development. Of course, this way of addressing the technology, has a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased security: Decentralized AI systems are less vulnerable to attack than centralized AI systems.
  • Increased privacy: Decentralized AI systems do not collect or store user data.
  • Increased resilience: Decentralized AI systems are less likely to be disrupted by outages or attacks.

Together’s commitment to open source development and decentralized AI systems sets it apart from other AI startups. These approaches have the potential to make AI more transparent, accountable, innovative, accessible, secure, private, and resilient.

Why Is It Important To Make AI More Transparent and Accessible?

There are several reasons why it is important to make AI more transparent and accessible.

  • Transparency allows people to understand how AI systems work and to identify potential biases. This is important for building trust in AI systems and for ensuring that they are used fairly and ethically.
  • Accessibility allows people to use AI systems regardless of their financial resources or technical expertise. This is certainly critical for ensuring that everyone can benefit from the potential of AI technology.

Here are some specific benefits of making AI more transparent and accessible:

  • Increased trust: When people understand how AI systems work, they are more likely to trust them. This is important for the adoption of AI technology in a slew of different applications, such as healthcare, education, and finance.
  • Reduced bias: Transparency can help to identify and reduce bias in AI systems. This is important for ensuring that AI systems are fair and equitable.
  • Improved decision-making: Transparency can help people to make higher quality decisions by providing them with more information about the factors that are influencing AI systems. This is, again, very important for a wide range of applications, such as business, government, and healthcare.
  • Increased innovation: Transparency can help to spur innovation by making it easier for average individuals to understand and build on existing AI technology. This aspect is quite important for the development of new AI applications that can benefit society.

There are a good number of ways to make AI more transparent and accessible. One way is to develop open source AI systems. Open source systems allow anyone to inspect the code and understand how the system works. This can help to identify and reduce bias and to improve the specific quality of the system.

Another way to make AI more transparent and accessible is to develop educational resources about AI. These resources can help people to understand how AI works and to use it effectively.

Finally, it is in the best interest of all to create policies and regulations that promote transparency and accessibility in AI. These policies can help to ensure that AI systems are distributed to more people who can also benefit from this innovative technology.

Making AI more transparent and accessible is an important step towards building a more abundant society. By making AI more understandable and accessible, we can help to ensure that the value of this phenomenal technology is realized by a great number of individuals.


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