This Audio Trick is Driving People Crazy

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Technology is fascinating. It has been able to provide humans with a higher quality of life. At the same time, we should not discount the intricate processes that work within our bodies and in our minds.

There is much to discover about our brain and how we perceive the world. A small example of how we are not aware of the extent of different aspects of reality and how we interact with is present in this clip below.

The clip was shared by Brian Roemmele, a scientist, researcher, and the President at Multiplex Magazine.

When you watch the video, what audio do you hear? There’s two parts of the clip, do you hear the same word? What’s happening here? Do your friends here the same thing or something else?

The Points of Perception

Remember that perception includes how you see the world, what you hear in the world, what you smell and taste. This is how you look at the world, take in information, and become aware of everything around you.

If we are not truly absorbing the right information, we have a distorted view of reality. That distortion has different ramifications.

It is fascinating to see that what we are so confident about may not be “what is.”

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