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The Ultimate Nerd Dream House: How a Custom-Built Home Will Check All Your Boxes!

It’s easy to understand why someone would want to build their dream home. If you are able to design and make that home, it can be an adventure. And, if you happen to be a nerd, your choices for that dream home can include many tech options and walls of shelves for your collectibles! Here are some guidelines that might help build the home of your nerdiest dreams.

You Can Have the World at Your Fingertips

If you call yourself a nerd or feel as though you fall into that category, you likely enjoy computers and technology. While you’re in the planning stage of your home, using a search engine can allow you to find whatever you want. You can plan each room of your dream home by imagining what you want it to look like. You can customize the sizes of the rooms, the style of the home, and whether it will be a split-level or single-level home.

You Can Automate the Features As You Like

You can automate any appliance and allow those appliances to do whatever you need. You can use innovative technology to control the thermostat in each room, as well as the timing of the lighting. A smart home typically has a central smart hub that connects to and controls all the smart devices in the home. This hub can be directed by your voice or by an app on your smartphone!

You Can Work With the Experts You Need

Your dreams and your ability to search for the components of your smart home don’t take the place of architectural or construction experience. Choosing a home design online won’t help you bring your dream to life if you’re not skilled in construction. Working with a professional home designer who collaborates with a construction team will help the design come to life exactly as you want it to be. This collaboration between designers and builders – known as a design build firm – will utilize a single team of experts to supervise the construction of your new home from beginning to end.

You Can Flout Conventional Limits

Your home doesn’t have to conform to conventional styles. Except where safety is concerned, you can unleash your imagination on the sizes and shapes of rooms and their decorations. For example, you may want to have a more open concept than a typical door would provide. Currently, most standard interior doors measure 28 to 32 inches – but who’s to say you must choose that width? You can go big if you so choose!

You Can Include Your Version of Fun

To give yourself a place to have fun at home, take one of your spare rooms and turn it into a game room. You can bring a desk with your console or computer to play your favorite video games. Include a table and chairs to play board games with friends or invite people over for dinner. On one of the walls of that room, you can place shelves for books or collectibles.

You Can Make Your Home Safer

The climate of the area where your future home will be built can figure into its design. For example, if your new home will be in a hurricane-prone region, you can plan to use windows designed to protect your home during hurricanes. Your professional team might advise buying impact-resistant windows with a glazing system of +105/- 130. These windows would be ideal for a hurricane region because they can withstand hurricane-force winds traveling faster than 100 MPH.

Building your dream home can provide you with a place that is uniquely yours. Stay in touch with your design team throughout the process so your voice is emphatically heard in every aspect. Enjoy your freedom in the creative process so you can have a home you’ll always enjoy.

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