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The Most Used Apps for Millennials

‘Millennials’ are those young’uns born between around the early 1980’s and 2001.They were lucky enough to have grown up with personal computers, cell phones, and video games, while the second half of the millennials, often referred to as ‘generation Z’ (those born between 1991 and 2001) grew up with tablets, smartphones, bonus bez depozytu, and of course, all the apps that come along with them.

Millennials in the US spend nearly 20 hours a week glued to their smartphones and they aren’t using them for much calling. It begs one to wonder, what are they doing as they aimlessly walk into poles in the street with their heads bent down? What is this app focused generation really into?

The Amazing Acts of Amazon

Amazon app

According to a survey, 35% of millennials simply can’t go without the Amazon app – making it the most sought after app by this generation – beating the likes of Gmail and Facebook! The dawn of online shopping is upon us and it’s no surprise with the convenience it brings. With just a click of a button, you can be ordering furniture, gourmet food, clothes and tech, or just about anything you can summon to your imagination.

Social Apps for the Busiest of Bees

Where would millennials be without their social apps? Social media has changed the very world we live in. Snapping pictures left, right and center, it’s almost become obligatory to upload our entire lives and share them with the world. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have become extremely popular be it for uploading pictures or just trying to find your place in the world. WeChat and Whatsapp offer an all-in-one communication platform enabling you to connect with people individually or in groups. Communication and sharing has become so much easier, there’s now almost too much choice when it comes to the social side of apps.

If Life Gives You Questions, Google Gives You Answers

It’s an app that most millennials simply can’t live without. Gone are the days of searching for things in the library, A to Z, or even a physical map to get you from point A to B. Google simply has it all and it’s becoming harder and harder to imagine life without it, certainly for the millennial generation!

Gaming Gone Wild

It’s safe to say that the world of gaming is alive and well amongst the younger generation – there’s literally something for everyone in the app store. The PlayStation official app has a staggering 81% millennial users and the Xbox One SmartGlass isn’t far behind. The young adults are also really into their mobile gambling apps; as seen here – where anyone feeling lucky can put a dime down on a range of sport betting apps or even play fun casino games from their mobile.

Dating at the Touch of Your Fingers

New research has found that millennials spend an astonishing ten hours a week surfing dating apps. Swiping away on Tinder until their thumbs go numb, dating apps once frowned upon have become a new social norm with more people than ever looking for love, or even a bit of fun online. Other than good ol’ reliable Tinder, others prefer using dating apps such as OKcupid or even making the first move on Bumble.


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