Technology That Is Enhancing Safety for Drivers

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Our cars and the way we drive them are affected by many things. According to Carsurance, a typical vehicle owner keeps their car for about 8.5 years. Within that time period, car owners can enhance their degree of driver safety through the use of technological devices and systems. Here are some that today’s drivers can use to enhance their safety while on the road.

Front Collision Systems

Driver assistance technologies are installed in today’s cars to help detect danger or to alert us to actions we should take to be safe. One device is called a forward collision system. When those devices are installed in a car, they can detect the distance between their car and the car in front of them. The devices would signal a warning about an impending crash to the driver.

Lane Control Sensors

Some collisions are caused because of a driver’s blind spot. Devices called Blind Spot Warning can detect cars approaching from the driver’s blind spot. A related technology, called Lane Departure Technology, will let the drivers know if they veer too far out of their lanes. Both of these are activated by sensors and will alert the driver by beeping or flashing.

Drowsiness and Inattention Sensors

Drowsiness can cause inattention and lead to an accident. According to Arash Law, video systems that can be installed on a car or truck dashboard will scan the face of the driver to detect signs of drowsiness or inattention. If those are detected, the system will tug the driver’s seat belt to alert them to the need for more attentiveness.

Driver Safety Systems

If you’re driving on wet roads, you may be grateful for a Traction Control System, which prevents your wheels from spinning out of control when you’re riding on wet roads. The sensors in this system keep the wheels steady in all sorts of road conditions. Another safety feature is Red Light Detection. These detectors can sense when a traffic light ahead is turning red, and signal for you to stop your car.

Teen Driving Safety

If you are concerned about your teens’ safety when they drive, a device can be placed on their phones. Those devices can use GPS tech to detect teens who drive too quickly or too recklessly. You can also change the settings of their phone so their incoming phone calls will screen text messages or phone calls. Some apps will announce the names of callers.

Vision Enhancement During Storms

According to Rain X, 20% of the over 231,000,000 U.S. registered drivers had faulty windshield wipers or washer systems. The same source estimates that more than 46,000,000 drivers have impaired vision during storms because of faulty windshield devices. Centric Auto Repair states that turning on your headlights and windshield wipers can provide only a minimum level of safety during a storm. In addition, some drivers have found better vision in storm conditions with new high-contrast lenses, which are tinted yellow, orange, or rose.

Body Cam Technology

Drivers who have found themselves concerned about police interaction have felt heartened by new tech that is being used by the police department called body cams. Those devices are attached to a police officer’s uniform to record their interactions with stopped drivers. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, half of police officers who took the poll reported that body cams could lead police officers to act in appropriate ways.

There are many other systems available through technological adjustments and in wearable technology. Check with an auto dealer where you are considering buying a car, and ask about other sensory-initiated features that can be added to help increase your safety. The future is sure to produce other safety devices, and if you keep your eyes open, you could find the right device to save your life.

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