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Tech Innovations for Wedding Entertainment: Interactive Experiences and Beyond

It is quite surprising that in this digital age, many couples are still not taking advantage of the many technology trends for their wedding ceremony. Some who take advantage of the technology do not go beyond sending invites via Whatsapp and build wedding websites for info. 

Technology innovations to use for your wedding ceremony goes beyond websites and sending out Whatsapp invitation. This article will enlighten you on different technology trends that will help increase your productivity in planning your wedding. 

QR Codes

In 2019, the use of QR codes was limited and people only used them when it seemed entirely necessary. However, QR codes are now commonly used in restaurants to know the menu, and event planners use them for event registration. 

You can incorporate it in your wedding venue for guests to know the menu, their seats, and other functions that would have been written on paper. You can easily generate QR codes on known websites like Adobe

In accordance with current health requirements, event venues can add QR codes to their safety arsenal as another touchless and germ-free tool to link planners and attendees. QR codes can be used to provide venue maps, event check-ins, brand experiences, and more.

While you can easily generate static QR Codes for event-related use cases with any free QR Code generator out there, for a more streamlined and advanced solution, consider using Beaconstac’s QR Code generator. They offer free static QR Code creation as well as custom dynamic QR Codes. This superior tool not only offers the convenience of QR Code creation but also provides a range of enterprise-ready features that go beyond what many solutions have to offer, enabling you to take your event QR Code needs to the next level.

Create a Wedding Website

A wedding website is a digital platform that may be used to keep all of your guests up to know on activities, your registry, and other details. It’s also a terrific method to save high-definition memories from your wedding. 

It has evolved into a modern norm for weddings and other similar events, with the added benefit of streamlining communication between couples and guests. Here are the various uses of wedding websites.  

  • Centralized Information Hub

A wedding website serves as a centralized platform for providing guests with important wedding information. This includes the ceremony and reception dates, times, locations, and any additional events or accommodations. Couples can quickly update their information if their plans change, ensuring that visitors get the most current information.

  • RSVP and Guest Management

Guests can quickly respond to the invitation online, saving both the couple and guests time and effort. Furthermore, the website can collect guest reactions, food preferences, and any other important information, allowing the couple to manage the guest list more easily.

  • Online Gift Registry

Many wedding websites have the option to incorporate an online gift registry, which simplifies the gift-giving procedure for guests. Couples can design a list of desired things or experiences, making it easy for guests to browse and select a gift that fits their preferences and budget. 

This functionality also eliminates the requirement for numerous store physical registries.

  • Photo and video galleries

Wedding websites can be used to display engagement photos, pre-wedding sessions, and other important moments. Couples can create photo and video galleries to share their love story, engagement highlights, and wedding journey excerpts. 

This provides a personal touch while also making guests feel more connected and participated in the couple’s journey.

  • Interactive Maps and Directions

Wedding websites can include interactive maps and directions to help visitors find their way to the wedding venue. To assist guests in planning their stay and exploring the region, couples might include full directions, parking information, and even nearby accommodations and attractions.

  • Countdown

Wedding websites sometimes contain countdown timers for the big day to create excitement and anticipation. Couples can also make interactive timelines that depict the wedding schedule, from the ceremony through the reception and any other events. This allows guests to arrange their day and avoid missing any essential moments.

  • Guestbook & Well-Wishes

Wedding websites allow guests to write meaningful notes, well wishes, and congrats for the newlyweds. This digital guestbook is a treasured keepsake that allows guests to tell you how much they love and support you.

Buy a High-Tech Wedding Ring

Technology has advanced so much that you can now have a women’s or mens wedding band that is smart. There are different types of smart rings; the Ringly tech band connects to your phone and alerts you of notifications. The Motiv tech band can track your heart rate, steps, sleep, and calories. You can get more smart ring news


Many couples have had to adjust their wedding plans because of social isolation, travel restrictions, and following the suggested safety criteria, limiting the number of friends and relatives they can invite.

Many couples have chosen to forego a large wedding in favor of a micro-wedding, elopement, or even a virtual wedding. One thing is certain, not all of your family and friends will be able to attend your wedding, so live-streaming your nuptials is a great way for them to join you from anywhere they are. 

Prepare your virtual wedding guests so they know what to expect if you choose to broadcast your wedding. You must share the URL with your friends and family prior to your wedding day. 

Couples can include it on their wedding invitation, wedding websites, save-the-date cards, or even their social media profiles. Provide your Livestream link as soon as possible so that your guests may easily discover it on your wedding day.

Virtual Reality

If you are considering the live streaming option, you can also consider a virtual reality experience for guests who are unable to attend in person.

If you want guests who are unable to attend to have a more authentic seat at the table, consider using VR. They would enjoy a richer 3D or 4D experience at a futuristic wedding with virtual reality glasses. The headsets might be offered as tech wedding gifts; another definite method to take your wedding to the next level.

Robotic Bartenders

The concept of a robotic bartender may seem far-fetched, but hear it out first. Imagine being able to produce, mix, and serve personalized cocktails with pinpoint precision at the push of a button.

Perhaps there’s a rum you both discovered while vacationing on the islands or a ferocious tequila you both shared on one particularly wild night. The robot can create your cocktail service using your favorite liquors and components. Have some fun and name the cocktails something your guests will enjoy. 

Another advantage of having an automated bartender instead of a team of waitstaff in the current climate is the significant reduction in the potential for germ transmission. It considerably restricts the drink preparer’s range of motion.

Digital Photo Booths

As event planners continue to recognize the value of video marketing, there will be an increase in the need for virtual video booths for online and hybrid events, which allow attendees to contribute testimonials about their experience. 

In-person and online, use virtual photo booths to capture branded images, GIFs, Boomerangs, and short movies of participants. This makes your wedding more memorable for people who attended and those who checked out pictures and videos online. 

Hire A Professional Drone Photographer 

Hire a drone photographer to take your wedding filming and photography to the next level. Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, a drone can capture some of the most unusual footage by shooting overhead images and even close-ups in ways that a traditional camera cannot.


Just as we are making use of technology in different areas of our lives, we should not exclude it in planning our events, including weddings. Incorporating technology trends add spice to your wedding ceremony and reduces the stress of wedding planning. Check out the technology innovations and utilize which one suits your event.

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