Train Your Android Phone With High-Tech Apps


Smartphones are doing a great job to make life so much easier and interesting these days. Not only that, but smartphone applications are making these devices even smarter. Llama, the Android applications, is creating the buzz with its ability to turn Android-based smartphones active and automatic. If you are still unfamiliar with it, here is your chance to get inspired for using Llama.


The Purpose It Solves

Llama uses pre-defined triggers to instruct an Android mobile phone for automatic change in settings. The most common triggers include user’s location, phone’s battery level, particular times of day or week, important calendar events and so on. Switching from one Android profile to another, without putting in personal efforts, is what Llama helps to achieve conveniently.

The Advantages It Offers

Llama, when compared with other similar applications, offer the following noteworthy advantages:

  • Free download available for Android 2.1 and above. So, you don’t need to spend any extra penny on this.
  • Extremely friendly user interface.
  • Uses cellular tower-based locations, instead of GPS which can consume significant battery life.
  • Unnoticeable consumption of battery.
  • Easy configuration of triggers for different circumstances.

Some Good Examples

Every mobile phone owner behaves differently at home, in office, at gym, while jogging or when attending some social events. Llama can enable the Android phone to switch on Wi-Fi when you are at home and turn it off when you leave the same. Considering the level at which Wi-Fi consumes battery’s power, it is indeed a great way to control its usage.

Another practical example of using Llama is to automatically set the ringer. For instance, getting the ringer automatically off according to the important calendar events is possible with this application. Getting into and out of silent profile at different locations and during different times of the day is another goal achievable with it. Suppose, when you are at your desk in office, you have not activated silent profile. Now, you have a meeting and you forget to switch to silent profile. Won’t it be awkward if your phone starts ringing right between an important discussion?


You may like a mobile fitness application to automatically turn on to track your exercising efforts. Llama can make it possible as well.

Turning down the screen’s brightness as the battery gets low is one task viable with the use of this application.

Llama is easy to install, but may take time to get configured. Use the sections like Areas, Profiles and Events to set triggers and consequent actions. The application works amazingly as and when it becomes habitual of various cellular nodes and locations of the user. Extract the best out of your smartphone usage with this awesome add-on. If you have used this before, please share your thoughts as well.