Sticker Robot – Awesome Customer Service, High-Quality Custom Stickers

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What’s better than a fresh, unpeeled sticker? You know what I’m talking about. That feeling when you finally decide where to stick it. The joy that surges through your body as you remove the paper backing. The breath-holding moment when you smooth it over the surface of your choice without leaving ANY air bubbles. Why…the only thing better than that is a completely customized sticker that is made by some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! Good thing the folks at Sticker Robot lets you have your stickers and stick them, too!


Sticker Robot – Why It’s Great

So, why are we singing the praises of Sticker Robot? Because they are sticker experts! These guys have been creating custom stickers  for over 10 years. They are made to last and are completely stick-able both indoors and out. Sticker Robot’s stickers are so amazing because of their ultra-durable silkscreen printing process. After printing your custom stickers using the ancient technique of silkscreen printing, they coat them with 3 hearty passes of 100% UV protected clear gloss. So, not only are they waterproof, but in the years to come, that sticker that you slapped on your boat, car, office building, etc…will not fade or start peeling due to sun damage.

The many custom sticker shapes offered by sticker robot!
The many custom sticker shapes offered by Sticker Robot!

Custom Shapes

Looking for a certain shape for your custom sticker? Sticker Robot has it! Here’s what they offer:

  • Die Cut Stickers
  • Clear Stickers
  • Round Stickers
  • Square Stickers
  • Rectangle Stickers
  • Oval Stickers
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets
  • Rounded Corners Stickers
  • Business Card Stickers
  • Postcard Stickers
  • Hang tag Stickers

Designing With Ease

Not great with graphic design? Afraid your order won’t look right? The folks at Sticker Robot have you covered. In a effort to make the process a little easier, they h ave provided a ton of downloadable templates to help get you started with designing your sticker. Templates are available in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to get exactly what you are looking for in your custom sticker. Check out all of the template shapes Sticker Robot has to offer:

Template shapes
Available Template Shapes

And, of course, each shape is completely customizable by size as well, as shown in the photo below:

Different sizes are available for each template!
Different sizes are available for each template!

As you can see, Sticker Robot has gone to great lengths to ensure that your sticker creation experience is simple and easy. If, for some reason, you still run into trouble while making the sticker of your dreams, one of Sticker Robot’s friendly customer service representatives are happy to help you, or even just offer their opinion on what they think looks best.

Get Your Own!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Sticker Robot’s website and start creating your own custom sticker! Sticker batches are available from Sticker Robot in quantities as few as 250, all the way up to 20,000. Don’t want to order your own? Why not try to win your very own custom stickers in our upcoming Sticker Robot Giveaway? Keep an eye out for the coming giveaway announcement!