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SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Keyboard

If you read about the new DoTA 2 edition tech coming from SteelSeries and were a jealous Guild Wars 2 player, then you are in luck. ArenaNet has teamed up with SteelSeries to bring out a Guild Wars 2 gaming keyboard. Of course if you play for DoTA2 and Guild Wars 2, then you should probably just buy it all and look cool.

 Guild wars 2 keyboard

SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Keyboard

The keyboard has an awesome black, red, and white color scheme with some sweet Guild Wars 2 art. It is illuminated with red LEDs that have an adjustable brightness varying between 8 different levels. Along the top and left it has custom programmable macro keys that offer up to two layers per key. That gives the keyboard a whopping total of 250 programmable keys. That should be plenty for any Guild Wars 2 player to set it up to their preference. The keyboard offers a series of hardware enhancements:

  • Raised macro keys along the top and left side, which provide faster and more precise macro combinations.
  • The addition of two small tactile bumps on the W-key to provide a faster return to WASD.
  • An enlarged space bar and added directional keys that support features that improve comfort and reaction time.
  • A SteelSeries key that allows the user to easily adjust brightness and disable the Windows key with no software required.
  • Two swappable feet that allow the user to adjust the keyboard’s angle to what is most comfortable.

Carousellandingpage_guildwars2 Of course, since it is SteelSeries, you are getting cool software along with the hardware. The keyboard will come with the SteelSeries Engine in order to make programming your macros easy. It will not only allow for “copy and paste” macros optimized for entry in command lines. You can also program key press macros that have an adjustable timer and delay. You can pre-order the limited edition keyboard from the SteelSeries web shop for $79.99. For a limited time you will also receive a Guild Wars 3 gaming mouse when you do.