SSD Slowing Down? Windows 11 Might Be to Blame

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Microsoft’s Windows 11 has proven to be an exceptional OS when correctly set up on compatible devices. About two months since its launch, more than 5% of all PCs are already using the OS. However, as with new releases, things don’t seem to go as smoothly as the developer would have hoped. Users had already started complaining about glitches and flaws within weeks of general availability, most of which were mild but annoying. Now SSD slowdown is the most recent bug causing headaches among Windows 11 users, and here’s a simple way to fix it. 

What’s the SSD slowing Down Bug in Windows 11?

The recently discovered bug in most Windows 11 PCs inhibits Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) solid-state drives (SSD) performance by 50%. Microsoft conducted a review only to discover that the bug affects other drives and not just NVMe SSDs. It means that your PC is likely to lag in performance when the hard drives are affected by this bug. 

How To Handle SSD Slowing Down in Windows 11

If your PC suffers from this bug infection and experiences a slowdown, worry no more. Microsoft has now found a fix to this bug, and it’s piloted to the Windows Insider members. Once the fix is certified, it should be available to the public immediately. 

The update dubbed “KB5007262” seeks to address the significant issue that affects hard disk and NVMe, SSD on PCs running Windows 11. The bug causes the PC to perform unnecessary actions each time there’s a write operation common in the NTFS USN journal. 

Update Windows 11 to Solve SSD Slowdown

You will need to update Windows to download the new update and address the SSD slowdown issue. 

  1. Click “Start” menu
  2. Open “Settings.”
  3. Open “Update & Security.
  4. Select “Windows Update.”

Now you can see all the available updates for download. 

  1. Click on the available update
  2. Select “Download and Install” at the bottom. 

If the update doesn’t show yet, you can manually check for it by clicking “Check for Updates.”

The numerous bugs should not scare you from updating to Windows 11. There’s a big chance the OS will undergo a massive improvement to address the buggy issues. Be sure to double-check system requirements if you want to get the best of Windows 11 on your PC.

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