Spotify Goes Freemium On Tablets, Also Launches Free Shuffle Product For Smartphones

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Spotify – it’s not just for desktop anymore


Spotify to Offer Free Access to  Streaming Music Catalog on iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Spotify announced today that they will now be offering limited access to it’s streaming music library via smartphone and tablet. This announcement is the culmination of several predictions over the last few weeks regarding a possible deal being struck between Spotify and record labels regarding mobile use.

Spotify services will vary from device to device, but users can generally expect the same desktop service that they are accustomed to on their tablets, while smartphones will feature a new ‘shuffle’ option. ‘Shuffle’ is thought to be a lot like Pandora or iTunes Radio in regard to their station-based services.

These free products will still include ads, just as it’s desktop parent already does.


Spotify also announced 20 new countries in their scope, growing the app from 35 to 55 markets. All of the new countries, mostly in South America, will have access to the newly announced mobile products.