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SPONSORED – Pennzoil: Breaking Barriers And Testing The Limits Of Technology

This post has been sponsored by Pennzoil, but concerns our own opinion.

During the decades following the invention of the automobile, mankind has been striving to produce and market better, faster, and stronger cars. The breaking of various speed records has eventually become an obsession for some, but an American way of life for all who have ever enjoyed the rush of wind in their hair. For about as long as there have been cars and a love of speed, Pennzoil has been taking automotive technology one step further. Now, their latest promotion is all about ‘Breaking Barriers’ and pushing the limits of speed with technology. Check out the video below that chronicles how Pennzoil has been a major influencer of automotive technology and innovation over the years.

As you can see, passion, power, and determination are all huge players in Pennzoil’s bid for supplying the world’s fastest street legal car, the Venom GT, (270 mph!) with the highest quality synthetic oil products. The video even features superstar Tim McGraw, who weighs in on the American spirit behind Pennzoil’s innovations in the automotive industry. As speed demons and roadsters from back in the day recount their stories and glory days, Pennzoil’s ‘Breaking Barriers’ promotion is sure to  spark a sense of passion and innovation in any speed chaser.

If you’d like to know more about Pennzoil’s Breaking Barriers promotion and everything they have to offer, check out the Pennzoil YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest in innovative auto technology news and products.