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Some Suggestions for Your Next Gaming Adventure

The next gaming adventure begins with a new game or games. It’s up to you to take up this adventure. But there are so many games out there so you might be wondering what to play next. In that regard, you can look to the suggestions of this article. Here are some games for your next gaming adventure:


In Knights of the Old Republic, you’ll visit the Star Wars universe before the one in the movies and TV shows. In this one, you’ll create a character and face the mighty Sith Empire as you complete various quests on distant planets. Or you can visit the nearest cantina for a round of Pazaak.

Pazaak is a card game where you’ll need a hand with a value of 20 or around 20 to beat your opponent. This sounds pretty similar to blackjack because it was inspired by this game. Blackjack variants are mostly available online nowadays on casino sites and some of them will offer tips on blackjack strategy. Additionally, these sites will offer other kinds of table and slot games. The main thing about them is to enjoy them and their games responsibly.

This might be an old RPG game when compared to today’s gaming standards, but it’s one of the first RPGs that lets you influence the game with your dialogue choices in actions. In other words, you’ll lean towards the Light or the Dark Side of the Force and get one of the 2 endings of the game.

Assassin’s Creed the Ezio Trilogy

The thing about Ezio Auditore is that he’s one of the most popular characters in video games and you’ll get to play him in his own trilogy. In Assassin’s Creed II you’ll get to meet a young and careless Ezio that’s looking to live the best life. But all that comes tumbling down when his father and brothers are set up for treason. Once Ezio avenges them by taking care of the culprit he gets exposed to the world of Assassins and Templars.

In Brotherhood, which can be considered Assassin’s Creed 2.2, Ezio continues his crusade against the Templars this time led by Cesare Borgia. You’ll get to play with an Apple of Eden in this one. Finally, you’ll get a middle-aged Ezio in Revelations which is the conclusion of the trilogy. As this Ezio, you’ll get to unlock the secrets of Masyaf only to find out that you’re the tip of the iceberg. This trilogy is something else so if you haven’t played it, then it’s a must-play.


This title also takes you to the future, and it’s a grim one. Most people are cyborgs and the corporation Chiron rules the world. You’ll get to step into the shoes of an Observer, who’s a detective, and while you’re on patrol you’ll get a call from your son. You go looking for him only to discover a gruesome scene in an apartment and that’s when you learn what makes Observers special – you get to jack into the consciousness of living or dead people via their cyborg parts. What they have in their heads is up to you to find out.

The Resident Evil Franchise

The world of horror has never been the same before the start of the Resident Evil franchise. This is a franchise that has been around for years since it started in the 90s. The first game came out on PS1 and nowadays the titles of the franchise are playable on multiple consoles and PCs.

The game comes with a pretty simple premise, kill the zombies in your way to stop the spreading of the virus. The evil corporation that’s created it is Umbrella and you’ll step into the shoes of multiple characters to stop the corporation. You’ll play as Leon, Jill, Chris, Ethan, and more.

The most recent title has you in a Romanian village looking for your daughter. The first one starts at the Spencer mansion where the first is free. But once you’re done with the mansion you’ll need to deal with its spread in Raccoon City in the second game. All in all, these are iconic games from the survival-horror genre so anyone will provide you with some fun.

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