Smartphone Apps I actually Use

Everyone loves new stuff; seeing it, touching it, getting it for free.  It’s what’s made the Smartphone so great, because you can download apps ALL THE TIME!!!

But really, how many of those apps get used on a constant basis?  I have an iPhone 4, with 69 apps loaded and ready to go, but I only use a few.  Oh and when I say used, I mean that I use them at least four or five times a week, often more.

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Here are the apps I actively use:


The Gmail App funnels through most of my emails (I have several accounts).  I’ve been using it frequently for the past two weeks to try it out.  It works well, but it doesn’t grab all my accounts.  So I may not continue to use it.  But it’s a solid app.

Apple Mail

This works as the backup email app to Gmail right now.


Because no one likes talking on a phone anyway.

Google Calendar

I find calendar useful to keep track of my schedule.  Really useful.  And syncing it everywhere through Google’s server is also really useful.  But more on that later.


This gives me something to listen to as I drive to work, so this is nice to use on the way there and back.


I use this for checking stock prices.  I don’t use it for much else, but it’s nice for that.  Maybe I should change to something simpler.


Great for Football fans and perfect for the season.  It keeps me up to date with points, and players…that just recently I lost by ten points to a friend (Matthew Stafford) in playoff week because my quarterback threw three interceptions! Not that I’m sore about that.

Apple Maps

Apple maps are getting much better as a navigation device, and since it hasn’t led me wrong yet, I keep using it.


This app has become integrated in the device itself, which is super convenient if I remember to use it.


Facebook is useful, though I rarely contribute to my page, it’s great to keep in touch with select people.


This is a fantastic running app, it helps track how far I have ran, which encourages me to keep running.


I usually use on my tablet or computer.  But it’s there and I use it some throughout the day if an idea strikes me, or if I want to look up an old idea.

These are the apps I use consistently. Yet that is only 11 out of 69 apps on my phone.  Man, do you think maybe I should delete some?

Note to Calendar app: Reminder: Delete unused apps

Reviewing my apps has made me rethink how I use my iPhone and apps currently.  I may revamp some of them soon.  But still, those are what I actually use on a semi-daily basis.

How many apps do you have on your phone? And how many do you actually use?