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SimCity Now At 28% Off


It’s already been 4 months since the March 5th, 2013 release of SimCity. Now that the initial server sanfu is long over with the only ones waiting to buy are bargain hunters. Well, today SimCity fell under the magical barrier of $30 down to $28.79 at one PC download retailer.

In GameFly’s latest weekend sale after SimCity is only $28.79 after coupon  (use code GFDJUL20 or GFDJUL20UK if you’re in the UK). The previous low was after a special 2-day only offer in GameStop’s 4th of July sale at $31.99 – making today’s price the lowest ever by $3.20. Everywhere else is $39.99.

That’s not all though!

GameFly also has the SimCity DLC packs on sale, only $4.99 a piece. Use the aforementioned GameFly coupon and they’ll drop further to $3.99 each. While the DLC sets are pretty ridiculous, fans of the game may want to expand their building options to give more spice to the game.

These discounts will last through Monday, July 22nd at 10AM Pacific. Of course, being an EA title, SimCity activates on the EA Origin platform and for now, still requires always-on internet connection.