Samsung Reportedly Working On A Water and Dust-Proof Galaxy S4

Samsung has been on top of the smartphone market for the last couple of years with its Galaxy S series. With the recent launch of Samsung’s next flagship device, Galaxy S4, the popularity of Samsung’s devices has reached a whole new level. The Galaxy S4 comes with some awesome features that are surely jaw-dropping for some people, but to be honest, most of these features are only good enough for showing off. On the other hand, Sony’s flagship device, the Xperia Z has some features that are actually useful for an average person.

The Xperia Z has almost the same features as the Galaxy S4 excluding a few. However, the main advantage that the Xperia Z has over the S4 is the fact that it’s both dustproof and waterproof. So, considering the advantage Xperia Z has over its device, Samsung has unveiled their plans to bring out a more rugged version of the Galaxy S4 in the coming weeks.

At the launch event of the Galaxy S4 in Dubai, Young Soo Kim, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics hinted that a dustproof and waterproof version of the Galaxy S4 is in the making.
According to TechView, the Samsung Gulf President told the reporters that a dustproof and waterproof Galaxy S4 is being developed, and the phone will hit the market in the coming weeks.

When the Xperia Z was launched, many users of the Galaxy S series were talking about a waterproof and dustproof Galaxy device, but the Galaxy S4 wasn’t either. So, looks like Samsung has finally understood that in today’s world, users want something that’s much more rugged.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is already Scratchproof

The Galaxy S4 has already shown its rugged glass that has survived continuous abuse from knives and keys. The Galaxy S4 comes with Gorilla Glass 3 that’s claimed to be the toughest glass on the market. Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass 3, claims that scratches on the glass are 40% less visible to the naked human eye. (we’re not sure about dogs)

If Samsung is actually developing a more rugged version of the Galaxy S4 then it will definitely get back the market share that it lost to Sony due to these two prominent features.