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Sage Business Software: Putting Small Companies On The Fast Track To Success

From start-up businesses, to companies that have been around for a long time, all of them experience growing pains. It can be difficult to make the transition from a small mom-and-pop style business to a major manufacturer and logistics like sourcing materials and planning out efficient and cost effective product distribution can be nerve-wracking to say the least. But what about the actual managing of the business? Payroll for an expanding amount of employees, keeping accurate accounting records, and managing accounts payable can all be one huge nightmare without the right tools. Luckily for small businesses everywhere, Sage Business Software takes care of all of these things, and more! Check out what they did for hometown confectioner turned major candy manufacturer, Hammond’s Candies:

Sage Business Software: Making Company Growth Simple and Straightforward

Hammond’s Candies is not the only business that Sage has helped. Currently used by many notable businesses, Sage is hard at work taking the worry out of business management. Here is a breakdown of some Sage’s many indispensable features:

  • Accounting – Even for those of us who just aren’t that great with numbers, Sage makes taking control of your own accounting a breeze. The software allows users to manage all cash flow, payments, and collections, as well as gain invaluable insight into their business with custom reporting features. Businesses can also plan purchases, track inventory, report taxes, and pay employees – all with the help of Sage!
  • CRM- Sage Business Software also acts as a CRM database that organizes and manages all of a companies business contacts.
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning allows companies to approach expansion and growth with confidence as they use Sage’s tools to help them reach their goals.

As you can see, Sage means business…literally! They have taken every step to ensure that their customers are prepared to efficiently manage their small business, or even grow that small business into a larger one. No matter what aspirations a company has, Sage can help get them there.