Road Trip Essentials: Mobile Apps for Unforgettable Travel Experiences in the US

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Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, which comes as no surprise since these devices are very useful and convenient. One thing in particular that makes smartphones so valuable is the apps you can download and install on your device.

As you may already know, there’s an app for everything and downloadable applications come in all shapes and sizes. That includes road trip apps that can help you on your travels in more ways than one.

And if you’re wondering what happens to apps if you run into a p lace with no service, don’t worry, most apps work offline just as well as they work when connected to the internet. So with that in mind, let’s explore a few mobile apps that will guarantee and unforgettable travel experience through the US.

Travel tip apps

Road trips are all fun and games but if you want to make the most out of your trip, you should be aware of the local sightings that are worth exploring. If you haven’t done your research prior to the trip, it’s all good.

Travel tip apps like Roadtrippers, for example, notify you of any interesting roadside attractions, museums, landmarks and everything that may be of interest to you along the way. This way you don’t even have to have a plan for the trip. Just go with it and let the app guide you.

Map apps

This is an obvious choice because the last thing you want to do is get lost on your road trip. Map apps do exactly what their name suggests, provide you with a detailed map of the country or region. Now there are all sorts of map apps and you’ll have to choose the one that suits your needs the most.

As a small recommendation, you should consider choosing an app that can download maps and work offline, just in case you end up somewhere with no internet access. This way you still have the map and the navigation feature on your smartphone even in the middle of nowhere.

Booking apps

Going on a road trip doesn’t mean you’ll be on the road all the time. That said, you’ll need a place to rest or stay for a couple of day, which is where booking apps come into play. Booking apps, like Airbnb allow you to book an apartment or a house someplace you plan on visiting and staying there for a while.

You can do so in advance and schedule a specific date so everything is ready and waiting when you arrive. If you prefer an alternative method, apps that can point out nearby hotels and motels are also very useful. These apps not only provide direction to nearby accommodations but they also provide you with reviews of the establishments so you don’t end up in a shady motel somewhere.

Planning apps

If you’re going on a road trip without using your own vehicle, you’ll need a planning app that can help you book tickets and compare prices for various forms of transportation across the country. Hopper, for example, is an excellent choice in such situations.

Not only does this app track ticket prices but it also provides you with recommendations regarding which is the best time to buy a bus or a plane ticket. In other words, it also tracks discounts and creates estimates when the ticket prices are most likely to increase based on where you going and how popular that destination is during a specific time of the year. Therefore, it’s a very useful app to have, especially due to the level of detail it provides you with.

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