Quakecon to Reveal Doom 4 Sneak Peaks July 17

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Quakecon 2014, Doom 4

Doom enthusiasts, rejoice! Those attending Quakecon July 17 -20 at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas will get a first look at the highly anticipated Doom. If you’re like me and can’t attend this year’s Quakecon, utilize social media to let curtain unfold and discover Doom secrets, rumors, and everything else!

Attendees can also anticipate Zenimax Online Studios panel to discuss the promising future of Elder Scrolls Online, a “Designing the Perfect Game” to which a game concept will be designed and judged by the one and only Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart. Tournaments anyone? If you’re ready for an all-out melee-packed experience, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a Battlecry tournament.

Go ahead, bring your lucky blanket, hat, or good luck charm to Texas—you may need it! Check out the full schedule here!

What the Gamers Are Saying

I’m extremely excited for another installment of Doom! Pushing my own opinions aside, I plunged into the comments section of a recent article on Joystiq and gathered up a few of my favorite comments from anxious gamers who are looking for an immaculate, impressive Doom release. Some gamers articulated the need for more weapons and enemies while some believed there is no need for a Doom installment. Nonetheless, the Joystiq community covered a lot of interesting possibilities:

“I just want some insane bloody fun like the old games. Make the shotgun feel amazing (this is a must), give us some enemy variety, lots of blood and gore (again, in this cowardly industry this should be a MUST) and no limit to the amount of weapons you can carry.”


“What I want is a remake of Doom and Doom 2 with modern graphics and new levels. No need for a big story with lots of cut scenes. No need for a dozen characters all chiming in throughout the story. No need for a love story. No need for QTEs. No need for stealthiness (please). No need for it to try to be a horror game!! Please no enemies that can’t be killed with bullets (that’s what killed Silent Hill 4 for me, the ghosts that couldn’t be killed.) If you want to update the game, you can give the enemies some AI, making big enemies a little more challenging to kill. Make new levels and better graphics. That’s all I want from a new Doom.”


“I want TONS of enemies, but ones that aren’t just damage sponges (like Doom 3).  Give me the feeling that I am really kicking [butt] against the demonic hordes, like the original did!”


“Super brass knuckles. Uppercutting demons into out-of-control wind turbines. Smashing their faces and sending them flying into other demons, knocking them down into acid. You should be able to complete the game with just your fists and some skilled rocket-jumping.”


“I want tons of monsters and non-logical maze-like levels where you have to find keys to progress. I want no cut scenes (or at least an option to disable them for speedrunning). I want monsters that go down easy so you feel powerful depending on the weapon. It was fun mowing down former seargents and imps when you have anything above the pistol.”


And of course….

“I don’t want a new Doom. We’d be fine without a new Doom and I realized this after how boring Doom III was.”


-___- How can you not what a new Doom! Hey, to each their own 😉