Psycho-Pass Episode 2 Review: Those Capable

Is Psycho-Pass Episode 2 as intense as Episode 1? Let’s review episode 2 of Psycho-Pass!

During the first episode of the series, we are given a sneak preview on Inspector Akane’s first day on the job. We have also seen some nasty things that a person with a high Criminal Coefficient and a dark Psycho-Pass can do. Also, we are shown just exactly what the weapon Dominator can do when shot at an Enforcer officer. This action caused Akane to naturally worry.

Psycho pass episode 2 review
It seems like most people, fiction or nonfiction alike, prefer to contemplate deeply while taking a shower, don’t you think?

Before we proceed with the summary though, let’s talk about the terms “Enforcer” and “Inspector” – the main characters are called as such, and there’s definitely a distinction there; so let’s first clear up everything.

Difference Between “Enforcer” and “Inspector”

  • Enforcer: An Enforcer is actually someone with a high Crime Coefficient. In fact, his CC is always so unnaturally high and constant that the Sybil System dictated the person to be unfit to blend in society. Instead of being isolated and locked up though, these Enforcers are trained to become the Inspector’s “police dogs”. Simply put, they do all the dirty work since they can usually predict what the criminal is up to, being considered as latent criminals themselves. And yes, the Dominator weapon also works on them. 
  • Inspector: Inspectors are considered as “owners” of the Enforcers. They direct and order them on what to do. The system believes that Inspectors should remain in the backstage during the actual confrontation with a criminal because they don’t want the Inspector’s Psycho-Pass to get cloudy as well.

Episode Two Summary

At the first part of the episode, it mainly is about an introduction to Inspector Akane’s home. Sure, the focus of this was to show that she’s still brooding about what she has done to Enforcer Kougami, but I can’t help but adore her place! She wakes up to a floating jellyfish-like creature who asks her what her room preference for the day is. Apparently, you can choose any room you want!

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This is Akane’s room for the day.

After showering and eating breakfast, Akane is shown to be choosing her outfit for the day. This is another interesting concept as she doesn’t need to actually wear clothes anymore. She just encodes her preference into a digital device and her clothes automatically transform. This is quite convenient during those rush-hour mornings, no?

Psycho-pass episode 2 review
This is one of Akane’s outfits. Notice her floating pink assistant and her cute compact – two technological innovations that a lot of women would want.

Next part is all about Akana interacting with the other characters. Also, Akane together with Enforcer Masaoka, was assigned to investigate someone’s Psycho-Pass as his Hue was getting darker and darker by the minute.

Psycho pass episode 2 review
Who would have thought that police can look like this?

It’s so neat how police officers can actually use technology to their advantage when it comes to disguising. On the other hand, it’s also quite scary to think about what potential criminals can do too, provided that they will have similar access to technology. In Psycho-Pass’s case, criminals and law enforcers having the same access to technology is quite possible.

The main highlight of the episode was her talking to Enforcer Kougami though. Kougami is still stuck in the hospital because the Dominator’s paralyzing effects are still not wearing off. As a result, he’s forced to lay down on the hospital bed and brood deeply.

Psycho pass episode 2 review
Enforcer Kougami is not in a very protective position, is he?

Inspector Akane talks with him and picks his brain for a while. (She picks his brain figuratively but in Psycho-Pass, the chances of it happening literally are high as well). It seems that he isn’t really bothered by what she did because he thinks that she did the right thing.


Some parts of the episode that proved to be interesting are:

  • The human’s dependence on technology is still striking in this episode. Yes, we established in Psycho-Pass Episode 1 that peace officers depend on the Sybil System for assessment, but I can’t believe that we need to depend on technology for our food requirements, too! Honestly, seeing Akane eat her automatic “breakfast” was a bit disappointing. Who knows what that “food” is actually made of?
  • You can’t rely on education and knowledge alone. Akane graduated at the top of her class – she was also the only one analyzed to be suited for an Inspector’s job – and yet she did something that wasn’t part of her job descriptions. She was mainly taught to just follow the Dominator’s instructions, but she exercised her reasoning skills to go against the system.

Overall, this Psycho-Pass episode is a bit mellow and sentimental. Nothing too violent was seen in the scenes. I’m excited for the next episode, then!