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Best Video Game Themed Wallpapers for Android

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like to play video games. I love playing them, and I am sure 99% of the readers reading this article, feel the very same way. Personally, I don’t just like to play certain games, I also like having video game wallpapers on my phone. I stuck to video game wallpapers, until I came across video game themed live wallpapers for my Android phone.

Mario bros pose live

Mario Bros Pose Live

Mario Bros Pose Live is an old school video game themed wallpaper, which makes it even more special. This is a themed wallpaper with ethnic stereotypes. Mario and Luigi will be posing for you with animated fire power balls. The live wallpaper was made in 3DS MAX for a cool effect and realistic 3D Graphics. Once you launch it, you will be asked to opt-in. If you opt-in, you will see no advertisements while running it.

Diablo Resources

Diablo resources
Diablo Resources

Diablo III undoubtedly is one of the greatest games that I have ever played (I think many reading this article feel the same). This wallpaper is a awesome tribute to the game. Apart from that, you can get a visual of your phone’s battery level, also the status of internal memory and SD RAM. The red orb that you see with this live wallpaper tracks the battery. At the same time, the blue one can be used for tracking both SD RAM and Internal memory.

Diablo III Live Wallpaper

Diablo iii
Diablo III

With this live wallpaper, you’ll see the fire burning up. The flames move as these are animated. Once you touch the screen, it lights up with streams and balls of fire at the place where you swiped it. You can however, make some setting changes in the live wallpaper. I personally found only the Touch Effect Style to be worthy enough for playing with. You can choose between Fire Touch and Blood Splatter. Only in the settings menu, you will get ads. Otherwise there will be no advertisement to bother you.

Doom Live Wallpaper

Doom live wallpaper
Doom Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper is based on another classic game. Rather than live wallpaper, Doom Live Wallpaper is a full blown self-playing game with which you can interact. DoomGuy wanders around the phone screen and they show you the bulging pixels.

After installing the package, you will get almost as many settings, as you would have in the original game. God Mode, according to me, is one of the best features of this live wallpaper. This live wallpaper tracks all of your kills and deaths. This feature makes Doom Live Wallpaper much better than the rest.

Halo Live Wallpaper

Halo live wallpaper
Halo Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper has plenty of options to choose from. Your own Spartan from Halo 4 can be displayed along with a Gamertag of your own, through Halo Live Wallpaper. The other settings are all about adjusting visual elements. Still, you can tweak those in lots of ways. This is a very sharp looking wallpaper; however, once it is set, there aren’t many interactive features.

At Google Play Store, you will find themed live wallpapers for almost any popular game. If you don’t find your favorite game themed wallpaper above, a search at the Google Play Store will probably help you out.

Just one point of caution, before you add up any live wallpaper in your phone. These are apps and thereby take resources of the Android device. Therefore your phone’s battery drains faster (These are running all the time). These live wallpapers are fun to use, but I felt that I should talk about the one downside while concluding this article. The decision is all yours!