Popular Halloween Costumes for 2021

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Since Halloween is approaching rapidly, it’s time to choose the best from the trending costumes. Even though this year’s Halloween falls on a Sunday, you will still get the most appropriate Halloween costume. The most popular Halloween costumes highlighted below are inspired by pop culture moments, celebs, movies, and TV shows that make 2021 memorable. 

Red and Blue Nike Set

This female costume set gained popularity after Emma Raducanu’s tennis win in the US Open. Now, the red and blue Nike set is trending and could be a good fit for you on Halloween. The set includes a red V neck tank top, a navy-blue tennis skirt, and a yellow visor. 

You can spice the costume up by adding some tennis-inspired earrings or carry a trusty tennis racquet. Remember to style up your hair into Emma’s signature high ponytail braid, and be sure you’ll look just as phenomenal.

Silver Track Pants 

Cladding exceptional silver pants as your Halloween costumes will remind everyone of Normani’s bold performance at the 2021 MTV Music Awards. The recent performance was an ideal mix of sexy and sporty. 

You can make the costume work for your Halloween plans by coordinating the silver pants with a matching sports bra with an option to include chunky armbands. Such a Halloween costume would go well when complemented with makeup covering your eyelids and tons of mascara. 

Y2K-Inspired Fashion

The Y2K-inspired fashion is becoming the sensation on most social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Most celebrities such as Paris Hilton have boosted their influence through the fashion’s glitzy retro aesthetic. As a result, the fashion sense has gained significant resurgence recently, making it a top option for the upcoming Halloween holiday. 

All you need to perfect this fashion is oversized pink sunglasses and velour track pants. You can also personalize the look by incorporating one of Hilton’s famous graphic T-shirts. 

Fighter Pilot Gear

The fighter pilot gear is likely to trend soon, given that the long-anticipated Top Gun sequel is coming. This development makes this year’s Halloween the perfect time for you to break out with identical fighter pilot gear before it becomes everyone’s preference. 

Michael Myers Costume

If you like the Slashers film, you understand that there is a new release happening soon. A new Michael Myers film is set to release few days into Halloween, and dressing as the fictional killer would scare the pants off your pals. 

The costumes include an identical Michael Myer mask and an overall. You can add more effects to this Halloween look by making fake blood or just holding an object. 

Wanda Maximoff Outfits

There are plenty of outfits associated with WandaVision’s Wanda Maximoff that you can pick from. Choose your favorite ensemble from the first episode’s ’50s-sitcom outfit, the third episode’s groovy ’70 inspired look, or the oh-so-classic Halloween episode featuring Wanda in a vintage Scarlet Witch. 

Coming to America Halloween Costume

The recent sequel release of the romantic comedy ended a 30-year wait that makes it worth celebrating. Become part of the celebration by dressing up like your favorite artist this Halloween, and get your crew to join as King Jaffe Joffer and Prince Akeem for the best group costume throwback. 

The highlighted cool Halloween costume ideas mean that you won’t have to wait until the last minute this year. The list includes key pieces that guarantee a unique look that will make you the best-dressed. Besides, these costumes are super easy to DIY and are relevant to the upcoming Halloween celebrations. 

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