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Pokémon X and Y: Have They Revealed Too Much?

Pokémon is quite the legendary series. The franchise dates back all the way to when I was but a wee lad blasting ships away in Space Invaders on the Game Boy Color. Ah, it was such a magical moment getting to choose between those first three starter Pokemon in Blue Version. Every new encounter I had in the original game was exciting because I had no idea what was going to come next. I’d catch a Rattata on one route and then run into a Meowth on the next and replace it. Things got cooler and cooler because I just didn’t know what to expect.

Pokemon X and Y: Have they told us too much?

With the upcoming 3D installment to the Pokémon franchise, we’re looking at a whole new way to play the game. Everything is getting bigger and better and I’m hoping I can get that same feeling from Red and Blue, now that the series has arguably been revamped. But this darn Internet era. We’ve been exposed to a MASSIVE amount of gameplay trailers and information regarding X and Y. While that’s all exciting when you first get to know about it, I tend to think that it just might be too much. Now, feel free to disagree with me. Sure, go ahead. But we’ve seen SO MANY new Pokemon that will represent the sixth generation that it almost makes me cringe. Where’s the excitement factor? I’ll be strolling along through the tall grass in hopes of finding something new and fresh. But then I just might be disappointed when I run into something and say to myself, “Oh, I’ve seen this one on Serebii.net.”

They’ve released a FIFTH gameplay trailer. FIFTH. There are four more for your viewing pleasure if you’d like to go out and find them. Does that not seem a bit excessive to you? I feel like I know way too much about this game before I can even get my hands on it. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand hype and the need for Nintendo to push its franchises into the new generation, but come on guys. Where’s the chance for me to be surprised? And don’t give me any of that “don’t go looking for it” nonsense. It becomes increasingly hard NOT to find any of that sort of thing when you simply go onto any Nintendo news based website. I mean, this new trailer is straight from Pokémon’s YouTube channel. They’re clearly pushing it.

Some might call this nitpicking, but there are even more things about this whole ordeal that make me a little on edge. For example, that fifth trailer gives out the name and appearance of the villain organization that will be apparent. Now I know that every game has some form of Team Rocket from the original, but now I can’t even be slightly taken aback when I see them do something terrible in the game. I’ll just be like, “Oh right, it’s them. Okay.”

But probably one of the biggest issues I have (and I’ve been this way ever since Ruby and Sapphire) is the presence of the headlining legendary Pokémon. Gold and Silver were different. That was the first time we ever saw legendary Pokemon on the game boxes. But the fact that I already know what these legendary beasts are in X and Y, particularly irks me. What’s even worse is that we know what they look like, their names and their types. I won’t get into that on the basis of spoilers (which would be contradicting the entire point of this article) but it just seems like the fun is thrown out the window.

While there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll have fun playing through the new generation (as I do with every one), it pains me to see just how much Nintendo has informed us gamers through trailers and pre-release images. Sure it’s fun when you first get to hear about it, but it’s a bit overwhelming in my opinion.

Oh well. Ranting aside, I think Pokémon X and Y will be wonderful additions to the franchise. The movement to 3D seems perfectly suited for Pokemon and I cannot wait to pick up my Froakie and head off into the all new land.