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Pokemon April Fools Prank by the Google Maps Team

This year Google has taken the April by storm with their latest job opening announcement.  What’s the new position you ask?

The title is, “The Pokemon Master“.

This past Monday, March 31st, the Google Maps team kicked off April with a brand new video announcing the new position.

Their search for the best Pokemon Master starts with a challenge known as, “the most rigorous test known to man.”  In this test Google has hidden in various locations in the lateest release of Google Maps and your job is to find them all.

Play for the Pokemon Master Job

In order to play, make sure that you have the latest latest version of the Google Maps application installed on your device.  After opening the Google Maps application, Click on the Search bar. Below the search bar, you will see another bar below it with the Pokemon ball and the words, “Press start”.



Locate the Pokemon

After clicking start, you will be taken to the Google corporation map location where you’ll see Pokemon figures on the map.  You will also see buildings that look just like the Pokemon houses.

Google maps pokemon location


Capture the Pokemon

To capture the Pokemon’s, just press on the character and press the catch button located at the bottom of the screen.  Once you have successfully captured all the Pokemon located at the Google campus, you’ll need to find the other 148 through out the globe.


Google pokemon location capture


Google maps pokemon captured


To be considered for this position, you need to find all 150 Pokemon by 2:00 pm PDT on April 2, 2014.

If you have been successful in finding all the Pokemon, as per the video, you will receive an invite for the final round of the hiring at the Googleplex.

The sad thing here is that this is just a prank and in the video, they put in a disclaimer that states, “the role of Pokemon master is not yet available” and it also recommends that you visit the google careers page if you’re interested in a job.

Google is also providing hints on their social media channels. Check out all their hints on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.