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Play Fruit Ninja & Slash Your Way to the Top

Kids these days don’t like to eat much fruit. However, fruits should be considered an integral part of our daily diet, especially kids! Is there any way to get kids interested in fruit? Yes! Thanks to Android, there is a way…Fruit Ninja for Android. Fruit Ninja is fun to play, and comes with impressive graphics as well. Believe me, the kids will love it!

Fruit ninja - 1

Basic Details on Fruit Ninja

The game is available for both android and iOS. However, in this article, we will stick to the android version (Not that there are many differences anyway). The game is all about slashing the fruits that you see on your android screen. You just need to swipe on the screen for slicing those fruits. If you feel that just slicing through the screen is a boring task, wait! The game actually gets more interesting as you progress through the levels.

The game has two different versions at the Google Play Store. One is free, and the other costs $1.29. The free version takes around 18 MB of space, and your phone’s android version must be 2.1 or higher. The paid version takes 19 MB of space and the android version requirement is similar to that of Fruit Ninja Free. I personally didn’t find many differences between the two versions, and suggest you to stick to the free one.


After launching the game, you will get different options: you can start a new game, you can go to the dojo (You can buy new items for progressing through the game here) or OpenFeint (This is an online scoreboard available for Fruit Ninja gamers where you can check who the best of the best is).

If you select the new game option, you will find some sub options as well: Classic Mode (Here, you will have 3 lives before the game is over; remember, you lose lives, when you miss fruits or hit the bombs), Arcade Mode (Here, you need to slash as many fruits as possible within a time span of 60 seconds) and Zen Mode (Similar to Arcade Mode, but here you will get 90 seconds).

Different Fruits Available

Once you start playing the game, you will see various types of fruits popping up in the game that you can cut. For me, pomegranates are the best ones, because you can swipe as many times as you can within seconds, thereby maximizing your score. Combo bonuses are available as well: these can be achieved when you cut multiple fruits in a single swipe. You need to be careful though. Occasionally, bombs appear from nowhere, and if you end up slashing any of those, the game is over. This is for Classic Mode though! In Arcade Mode, 10 points from your score will be reduced if you slash a bomb.

Fruit ninja
Fruit Ninja

Settings of Fruit Ninja

There are not many things you can change in Fruit Ninja. You probably won’t need to take a look at the settings section, but if you wish to, you can enable the ghostly trail of flying fruit. Sometimes, you can experience a graphics glitch on your device as well and through the settings menu, you can apply a fix.

I loved playing Fruit Ninja, mainly because this is outright fun to play and is highly addictive. I don’t know if your kid’s interest on fruits will increase after playing it or not, but this is a great way to pass the time. Whether for adults or kids alike.