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OSRS AFK Money-Making Guide

Earning money in OSRS can prove challenging without proper guidance. You could end up wasting your time with money-earning methods that aren’t efficient. Yet, if time is scarce, relying on AFK money-making techniques can lead to wealth accumulation with minimal effort. 

One of the most tiring things to do in OSRS is to simply earn money. Even with the right techniques and strategies, it’s going to take a considerable amount of time to get rich in the game. In any case, players are always looking for AFK means to earn money in the game. 

What is AFK Money-Making In OSRS?

AFK money-making entails employing methods that enable you to consistently earn income without actively engaging in gameplay. While your character performs these tasks, you can attend to other responsibilities such as work or cooking. Although AFK money-making may not yield as much profit as other strategies, it serves as a convenient option for players seeking to maximize their time efficiency in the game.

In compiling this list, we’ll weigh the profitability and the ease of meeting the requirements for each technique. While all methods are effective, it’s important to prioritize those that align with your current build and setup, enabling you to capitalize on the Grand Exchange.

If you’re one of those who want to get rich with minimal effort, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of the best AFK money-making methods in the game.

Skilling AFK Methods

When it comes to AFK money-making in OSRS, the most common forms of it are through Skilling. Your harvesting skills are going to be put to good use. Here are some skills and ways to start earning money with minimal effort.

  • Woodcutting: This is a very efficient and low-requirement AFK training method. The goal is to get logs that can be used for Fletching and Firemaking as well. For F2P players, the tree of choice are yew trees while magic logs are best for P2P players. The best place for AFK Woodcutting is near the Woodcutting Guild which has yew trees.
  • Fishing: The most commonly farmed fishes for mony are monkfish, sharks, and anglerfish. Try to reach level 82 in Fishing first. At this stage, your focus will be on capturing anglerfish. To do so, you’ll require a fishing rod and a supply of sandworms. The prime location for this activity is the Piscarilius house, offering a rewarding experience of 21,000 XP per hour. Expect to invest between 500 to 510 hours into this endeavor. The returns are substantial, with profits ranging from 135 to 140 million, alongside a steady income of 250,000 GP per hour.
  • Mining: As for Mining, the best place for AFK money-making is in the Motherlode Mine. There are plenty of ores that you can mine with minimal effort. However, the ores that yield the most profits are Amethyst.
  • Cooking: If you possess a sufficiently high Cooking skill, you can significantly minimize the likelihood of burning sharks while cooking them. While gathering the required sharks can be challenging, once you have them, it presents an excellent opportunity to amass wealth. Upon reaching 89 Cooking and utilizing Cooking gauntlets at the Hosidius clay ovens, the burn rate of sharks decreases to 0%. Alternatively, achieving a burn rate of 0% at level 84 is feasible with the completion of the elite Kourend Diary.
  • Fletching: If you focus on making arrow shafts, headless arrows, and broad arrows, you have yourself an AFK money-making method already. You can also use these items to train your Ranged Skill.

Killing Skeletal Wyverns

When the game initially launched, this AFK money-making method gained widespread popularity and continues to be relatively favored today. While confronting skeletal wyverns may seem intimidating, they’re actually quite manageable to defeat, especially depending on your settings.

Prepare yourself adequately by equipping weaponry and gear with levels of 70 or higher. Verify that your combat skills, including Attack, Strength, Defence, and Ranged, align with the recommended levels. Equip items such as Elemental, Mind, Dragonfire, Dragonfire Ward, or Ancient Wyvern Shield for added protection. Ensure you have a supply of food, Prayer potions, and Divine ranging potions, or consider bringing Super set or Divine super combat potions if preferred. Optionally, carry a Dramen or Lunar staff for convenient teleportation and ensure you have the necessary runes for High-Level Alchemy.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll need:

Skill RequirementsRequirements
Attack80+ (recommended for Melee)
Strength80+ (recommended for Melee)
Defence80+ (recommended for Melee)
Ranged80+ (recommended for Ranged)
Prayer44+ (70+ recommended, especially for Melee)
Magic55 (for High Level Alchemy, optional)
Items Needed Requirements
70+ weaponry and gear
Elemental/Mind/Dragonfire/Dragonfire Ward/Ancient wyvern shield
Some food (4 monkfish or better for Ranged; 4-8 monkfish or better for Melee)
6-12 Prayer potions (optional)
3 Divine ranging potions or 3 Super set/Divine super combat potions (optional)
Dramen or Lunar staff (optional)
Runes to cast High Level Alchemy (optional)
Quest RequirementsRequirements
CompletedElemental Workshop I and/or II (if not using Dragonfire shield)
StartedFairytale II – Cure a Queen for Fairy rings (optional)
CompletedLost City for Dramen staff or the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (optional)
Other RequirementsRequirements
Player-owned houseLocated in Rimmington or Fairy ring code aiq for easier access to the dungeon

Killing Gargoyles

The amount of gold you earn with this method will vary depending on a few factors including your speed and luck. If you’re able to kill 150 gargoyles per hour, you can earn around 600,000. Having the right gear will make the entire process easier to do as this makes AFK’ing the fights much easier.

If you’re not focused on a Slayer task, a good strategy involves wearing the inexpensive nosepeg and dropping it at the gargoyles to free up inventory space for more drops. You can easily switch back to your regular gear upon reaching the gargoyles. While having 70 Attack and Strength can suffice, albeit resulting in slower kills, it’s highly recommended to aim for at least 82 Defence if you intend to sustain using the AFK Guthan’s method effectively. Remember that gargoyles are vulnerable to crush damage. If your primary goal is to gain Defence experience, utilize the block style (stab) with Guthan’s warspear. Additionally, you can make use of the Dragon battleaxe special to boost your Strength during combat.

Prepare yourself by equipping Guthan the Infested’s armor or other Barrows/Bandos armor sets to enhance your defense and combat capabilities. Alternatively, opt for a Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Dragon scimitar, or another superior primary weapon if not utilizing full Guthan’s set. Don’t forget to stock up on food if you’re not wearing full Guthan’s and bring along a rock hammer for efficient dispatching of Gargoyles. Ensure you have a Slayer helmet or Nose peg to overcome Aberrant spectres’ defenses. Additionally, carry runes for High Level Alchemy to quickly convert drops into coins. For added efficiency, consider bringing a Dragon battleaxe for its Strength-boosting Special attack or an Ancient mace for Prayer restoration, enabling Piety for faster kills.

Skill RequirementsRequirements
Defence70/80+ (85+ strongly recommended)
Magic55 (High Level Alchemy)
Guthan the Infested’s equipment or other Barrows/Bandos armor
Leaf-bladed battleaxe, Dragon scimitar, or a superior primary weapon if not using full Guthan’s
Food if not using full Guthan’s
Rock hammer
Slayer helmet or Nose peg to bypass Aberrant spectres
Runes to cast High Level Alchemy
Dragon battleaxe for Strength-boosting Special attack (optional)
Ancient mace for Prayer restoration to enable Piety for faster kills (optional)
Quest RequirementsRequirements
Priest in PerilComplete this quest
Ghosts AhoyFor Ectophial if no access to Kharyrll, Salve Graveyard, Fenkenstrain Castle teleports, or Fairy rings
Other RequirementsRequirements
Prayer43+ (Protect from Melee) (optional)
Agility61+ to access the spike chain shortcut (optional)
Player-owned houseWith Armour stand for Barrows equipment degradation if using or Construction 55 to build
Portal Chamber with Kharyrll portal (or Construction 50 Magic 66 to build) or Superior Garden with a fairy ring (Construction 85 to build) — optional

Consider Buying Gold Instead

One of the simplest methods to amass wealth in OSRS is to purchase gold with real money. This approach significantly reduces the time spent on the tasks outlined in this list. However, when procuring gold from online vendors, it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider the following:

  • Verify the Seller’s Legitimacy: Numerous websites claim to offer legitimate OSRS gold, but not all can be trusted. Prior to engaging with any seller, conduct thorough research to ensure their credibility.
  • Protect Your Privacy: Avoid divulging personal information when conducting transactions online. Sellers only require your account information, and payments should be made through secure platforms without the need for direct bank details.
  • Compare Prices: The cost of OSRS gold varies among sellers, so it’s essential to evaluate different offerings to determine a fair price.
  • Seek Guidance: Consult friends who play OSRS for recommendations on reputable gold vendors. They may also be willing to provide assistance or offer their own gold.

In essence, purchasing gold requires some effort and research, but it pales in comparison to the time investment of in-game grinding. Moreover, this practice is permissible within OSRS guidelines, so there’s no risk of being penalized. If you buy OSRS gold, you’re easily saving a lot of time.

Even with these AFK methods, you’re still going to spend a lot of time working for your keep in OSRS. Just make sure to keep at it and eventually, you’ll be able to maximize your stash in the game in no time. There are lots of other AFK methods out there so make sure to explore what’s best for you.

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