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Origin of Bitcoin and the Beginning of Cryptocurrency

The intention of introducing cryptocurrency was to develop a competitor, as well as an alternative to the fiat currency. Though developing the alternative of real money has been through several obstacles. To begin, there was a limited number of people who could actually connect to the internet. In the second place, fiat currency is an old form of money that is used all over the world. The values of the currency may vary from one country to another, but people are aware of the physical or real money. Users can deal and manage their money in their way through their accounts. Learn more:

Above all, the approach to the banks and financial institutions are easy for users. The use of currency is known to all age groups. Even a person with less educational qualification can work and earn with fiat currencies in return. 

But maximum of the population is not still accustomed, to as well as not educated about cryptocurrency. Various reasons lead to reduce the popularity of virtual coins. 

 On contrary, it can be assumed that virtual currency is yet to be familiar to the maximum of the population. As a result, the maximum population of developing and poor countries is not known at this time. For developed countries, the use of crypto assets is increasing at a faster rate. It is due to their familiarity with the internet and crypto assets. The users can utilize it for purchasing, trading, and investments without hesitating. The acceptance of cryptocurrency and the growth in its values ensure the development took place over years. 

Origin of bitcoin

The invention of bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2009. The critical financial time from 2007 to 2009 led to the sudden thought of creating an alternative for the people suffering a financial crisis. It was the period when the global financial crisis occurred, with manipulation and distrust developing against the banks and the government. 

The increasing taxes and charges on the transactions in the institutional banks, involvement of third parties, and the time requirement were a concern for the people. The rate of inflation was creeping up, making life more difficult for the general population. It was during this time that Nakamoto was the one driving the unthinkable approach. 

The pseudonymous person, who claimed himself to hail from Japan, at that time was 37 years old. Dealing with the entire creation of a program and launching, it is assumed to be done by a group or team or by a genius. But the creation itself was an excellent invention by genius conception to create an alternative to fiat currency. 

But on close study and research, there has been a doubt on the identity as per studying the characteristics. It leads to assume that it should be teamwork and not from Japanese descent. He was a trained physicist and professionally worked as a system engineer with financial information services companies. 

It was during his layoff time he decided to start his own business that will be decentralized, and independent. Bitcoin was the invention of his unique thoughts. 

Bitcoin holds the highest value in the market and is also accepted in banks as well as a financial institutions in form of fiat currency. Over years, alternate coins are launched with similar blockchain programs to ensure a better business market and widespread use of cryptocurrency. 

Importance of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the virtual currency that is used for the peer to peer network transactions. It is also known as the traditional cryptocurrency that is served through the online mode. The popularity of bitcoins is rising with the increasing demand against the supply. Investors and traders have earned profit and turned millionaires within less time. 

Bitcoin is acceptable in businesses and trading, in developed countries such as America. 

Bitcoin is currently valued at $980 billion on the market. It is a decentralised method of conducting business that does not require the participation of a third party. Mining for bitcoin is a limited production process that utilises blockchain technology.In the upcoming days, the bitcoin value is predicted to be at its peak. After it reaches the target of 21 million bitcoin mining. 

There are stablecoins, NFTs, and meme coins that are part of cryptocurrency trading. Traders from all over the world are investing for short terms and long terms as their convenience. Each year there is an increase in the number of users, expanding the development of investment and trading businesses. 

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